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NXT Discussion Post: 06/06/18

On tonight’s episode of NXT, Lacey Evans and Kairi Sane face off in a rubber match. Sane initially picked up a win over Lacey back in New Orleans. Then, a few weeks ago, Evans came back and picked up a counter victory over Sane. Tonight, one competitor will be able to finalize their bragging rights over the other as Sane and Evans go one on one.

Listed below is’s official preview for tonight’s contest:

“With each Superstar holding a victory over the other, Kairi Sane and Lacey Evans will square off in a rubber match this week on WWE NXT to find out who truly has the edge.

Sane first defeated Evans on April 11 with her signature InSane Elbow Drop. However, that loss did not sit well with The Lady of NXT and prompted her to antagonize and assault Kairi until getting a rematch on the May 23 edition of WWE NXT, which Evans won with her vicious knockout punch, the Women’s Right.

Which Superstar will score the decisive blow against her bitter rival? Find out tomorrow night, only on WWE Network!”

Additionally, is teasing a response from Shayna Baszler based on the events that occurred last week between herself, Nikki Cross and Dakota Kai. Listed below is’s speculation of how Shayna may react to the recent actions of Nikki Cross:

“NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler retained her title with a victory over Dakota Kai last week, but she suffered a post-match beatdown courtesy of Nikki Cross. NXT’s twisted sister stopped Shayna’s attack on Kai after the bout and challenged her to an impromptu and unofficial match, which Cross “won” after Kai administered the three-count.

The unhinged Cross then began to celebrate with the NXT Women’s Championship, seemingly believing she was the champion. She isn’t, of course, but the wild display certainly suggests that Cross is eying the top prize in the NXT Women’s division. Will The Queen of Spades have a response for Cross this week on NXT?”

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