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NXT Redux (February 25th, 2015): Living for Hugs (and Destruction)

Hello everyone!~ It’s time for another exciting edition of the NXT Redux… and for a special bonus, this one will even contain some thoughts on the entire #GiveDivasAChance trend, and how I feel NXT factors into the whole scenario.

On the show tonight, we’ve got Bayley squaring off with Becky Lynch. Commentary also mentions a backstage segment at one point that I couldn’t find, so we’re back to what I presume is network editions of NXT resulting in my video-based agony.

Let’s begin!

Yes! It’s been a long couple of weeks since I’ve gotten to include a snippet of NXT’s own Madelaine Albright of wrestling based journalism, Devin Taylor! She graces us with her presence this week to get a word in with Charlotte, who will go one on one against Sasha Banks for the Women’s Championship next week… in the MAIN EVENT(!!). Charlotte lets her know that she’s not trying to discredit Sasha… but she’s never gotten a win over Charlotte one-on-one. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but what is guaranteed for her is that the title will come back to where it belongs.

We then head to a graphic promoting Becky Lynch taking on Bayley, and following a video from Prince Pretty, as well as a recap of Sami Zayn touring Abu Dhabi, we head to the venue as lovable, huggable Bayley pops out like a joyful burst of energy! The crowd is dancing. I am dancing! JoJo (*cries in debut desperation*) introduces the perky savior, as up next comes her opponent, Becky Lynch!~

Becky has reverted back to pants, also maintaining her sense of badassness and lack of Team B.A.E.! She swings her head around in preparation as the bell sounds and we get underway. The crowd already can’t decide who to root for, as Becky takes her down. Bayley now gains the advantage, nailing an elbow and leaping off with a lucha style armdrag. She misses a fist to the corner and gets wrecked with the pumphandle suplex of brilliance! …Aka the Bex-plex. Only a two count. She scores with the legdrops, proceeding to apply a submission as Bayley struggles to recover.

Also, might I add the Corey Graves vs. Becky Lynch feud is legendary.

Bayley finally escapes… briefly. Becky hits an uppercut, but then gets sent to the outside! Bayley with the flip front dropkick through the ring apron and the turnbuckle! She throws Lynch back in and eventually starts to mount a comeback. Drop toe hold into a beatdown! Bayley lands the abdominal splash, transitioned into the corner elbows. She places Lynch up top and looks to attempt… oh ouch. Becky shoves her off onto the ring rope. Bayley looks for a German, but Becky fights out and sends her into the corner. Bayley now connects with a spinning elbow off the top! One… two… No.

Bayley to Belly set-up… no! Becky counters into a devastating arm submission for the tap-out victory!

Thoughts: Overall I thought this was a perfectly fine week for NXT, which means outstanding compared to the main roster. Bayley and Becky continue to prove that when a company is behind their division, not only will the matches be good to great, but the fans will care. I thought this was one of their best matches together thus far, with both women showing fire and determination while remaining on their A-Game.

Coming off the 4-way, this was their chance to shine. Bayley shouldn’t been seen as an underdog quite frankly, but compared to how recent the Sasha/Charlotte feud was, Bayley and Becky were kind of the two underdogs of the four way and I loved that they set this up last week with the video promos to show why they wanted to face off. Airing a match we’ve seen a few times before can feel so much more important and vital if we just get that little bit of reasoning as to why it’s happening. They felt they were each other’s own worst enemy, and so they wanted to square off. So simple and so effective!

Next week sounds like it’s going to be incredible, and I’m beyond excited. The Divas main eventing NXT couldn’t have come at a more perfect time considering the lengths at which #GiveDivasAChance has exploded into mainstream media. One thing I think people get confused on is that those tweeting the hashtag group NXT into the problem and think fans are not appreciative of what’s being given down here. That’s not the case, though. To me, it’s the fear that these very women in NXT are going to become what we see on the main roster.

Every Diva goes in with the sense of “I’m going to be the one to change the game”, but it just doesn’t happen no matter who you are, if the company continues to think providing subpar booking and match length is acceptable. Paige and Emma, coincidentally two of the four women that caused the trend to explode, were in this Sasha/Charlotte position exactly one year ago today. I just think detractors saying to “settle” and be grateful that we have NXT’s division is unacceptable. Why should a promotion to the main roster be a downgrade when it doesn’t have to be?

The entire Daniel Bryan “Yes Movement” began because people felt he was being underappreciated. The Divas have been underappreciated for far longer than he was, and yet this is the first time people are pushed to the breaking point of speaking up and forcing the company to endure negative publicity since that’s the only way they’ll actually do something. Anyone who downgrades fans supporting #GiveDivasAChance that was a backer of the Yes Movement just feels like a hypocrite to me. You had your time to voice your opinion and get things done, so let others do the same even if you’re not personally a fan of the women. It’s not like what’s being asked by Diva fans is that they take up the entire three hour Raw… in fact, Diva fans’ standards are probably so low that 8-10 minutes per episode, or even just feudS (yes, more than one because having around 10 women on the backburner is grating) with SUBSTANCE (NO more ridiculous, recycled catty mean girls. NO more crazy. NO more every Diva is either jealous of the Total Divas or jealous they’re not the stars of Total Divas and The Bellas are. I think I might throw up if another one of those three things is ever mentioned again).

Just give us a storyline for God’s sake. One that matters, and one that goes on for a lengthy amount of time without becoming boring or a trainwreck. You did it with Mickie/Trish, and you did it with Brie/Stephanie until Megan Miller reared her homewrecking head into the picture. Don’t act like it’s not a possible scenario because if your head honcho sexist mindset could get a newsflash of what year we’re in, everyone would be much happier. And hey, your Diva produced merchandise would sell at even higher rates than it currently is!

The self-sabotage of your own company’s financials because of your refusal to properly spotlight women, all while presenting this fake perfect little image in mainstream media interviews with Giulianna Rancic or Maria Menounos of how you support and rally behind your female employees has got to stop. It’s flown under the radar long enough because the press has taken your word for it without looking for themselves, but hopefully the fans, with assistance to AJ Lee, will ensure that changes.

Jesus, I really got in the zone. Sorry guys… but join me next week and let’s witness some history being made!~

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