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Total Divas Redux: “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Purses”

Welcome to Total Divas Friday, everyone! I am your friendly neighborhood recapper, the Khaleesi of Diva Dirt, the First of My Name, the Queen of The South… Cryssi! And like usual… I am late. But lets be honest, if you are still reading these you already understand how these are going to go. Besides, I choose to look at these are glass half-full scenarios. This is simply a refresher course for the new episode coming in a couple of days. So there you go.

There wasn’t a lot of drama this past week but the episode did touch on Nikki Bella‘s shopping habits, the back and forth relationship between Natalya and Tyson Kidd and the ongoing saga with Eva Marie‘s father’s health. The stuff between Nattie and TJ was the most interesting to me this week, so we can start with that.

Nattie decided to go see her mom and spend some time with her, and when she arrived at the house her parents share, she was horrified to find that it had severe flood damage. I was able to catch what exactly happened, but the house needed to be remodeled in a big way. Nattie’s first instinct was to call TJ, and he stepped up for Nattie and her family. He knew a guy, who had a crew, who was able to do the entire remodelling job and apparently paid for it out of his own pocket.

The job itself turned out beautiful; the Neidhart house looked amazing. To say Nattie’s mother was beside herself would be an understatement. She was truly grateful and touched that TJ went above and beyond for them the way he did.

Across the country in Las Vegas, Eva Marie’s family gathered for their first family vacation in more than 20 years. All the brothers, wives (and Jonathan!), nieces, and nephews – along with mom and dad, ended up at The Palms. Eva’s instincts led her to believe that this gathering was because her father didn’t have much time left. She brought that up to her brothers and decided she was going to put together a bucket list of insane activities for them to do as a family encase it really was their last ever family vacation.

One of those activities included skydiving, something her dad was afraid to do as he doesn’t like flying. When he ended up bailing and getting upset, the brothers (like always) threw Eva under the bus and told their father about the bucket list.

Obviously he got angry because his family basically had him one foot in the grave, and that put a screeching halt to the sky-diving adventure. Later on, Eva went to apologize for her father and he reassured her that everything going on with his health at the moment was okay. He credited his wife for taking very good care of him and that seemed to ease a lot of the emotions Eva was feeling.

Of course, no episode of Total Divas would be complete with the Bella twins, and once again Brie and Nikki were in the spotlight. This time they were fighting over how to spend their money. It’s no secret that Nikki enjoys the finer things in life and one of those things she had her eyes on this episode was an absolutely, drop dead gorgeous, Louis Vuitton/Louboutin limited edition purse. Now, I’ll be honest. I would have cut out my own kidney and sold it on eBay in order to get that purse, so I completely understand Nikki’s need to have it.

It really was that amazing.

Brie, who has no problem dropping thousands of dollars on a special water recycling system, didn’t share her sister’s enthusiam for the bag. Like usual, they fought, and Brie dragged her sister to see a financial advisor.

That absolutely backfired on Brie, who was given a harsh wake-up call about the state of her own affairs. Nikki was left gloating at the end of the episode (with the purse in hand that John Cena bought for her) and both girls decided that maybe they would invest their money in a winery, something they both enjoyed.

Good episode.

It looks like on Sunday that Paige is going to be the center of attention as she appears frustrated that people are trying to tell her how to look. Nattie and TJ also seem to be part of the focus as well, and maybe they’re about to get back together? We shall see! Until next week!

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