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NXT Redux (January 22nd, 2013): Deja Vu, With Some Added Bayley and BFFs

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. After a barren showing for the Divas last week, things are back to normal in the mustard colored land of mellow yellow as we get a Diva match, backstage segment and two returns this week! Let’s not waste anytime as this week’s Diva goodness has been two weeks in the making!


The first Diva sighting of the night is of the lovely Devin Taylor, who may just be my new WWE crush. She introduces Summer Rae, Charlotte and SASSTHA Banks yet being around three highly intimidating ladies (have you seen Charlotte’s shoulders?) will obviously make you tongue tied. It’s like me at the bar in a club all over again. Except Devin isn’t an intoxicated prat. Anywho, Devin asks Charlotte where she’s been the last few weeks since she “brutally attacked” Bayley.

We all know Charlotte has had an undisclosed injury/some work done yet Charlotte lies to us all by saying she’s been enjoying the pleasures of being a BFF: riding in limousines and flying on jets, acts fitting of a certain someone in her family. Charlotte goes on to say that life isn’t about hugs and headbands, it’s vicious, and it will knock you down. She said she’s left the Cat Lady and the nobody and she’s joined the somebodies. Summer takes the mic and says that 2014 is the year of the BFFs, starting tonight when she defeats Natalya. Sasha rounds out the segment by only being allowed to say “Let’s go”. Her character is rejuvenated as a Heel yet she’s still getting the short end of the stick!

We’re out in the arena next and looks who has joined the announce team, it’s Renee Young! Is it just me who finds it highly sexist that Renee was only brought out for the Divas match? She’s capable of commentating on all matches as we’ve seen in the past so I think it’s stupid for WWE to box her into this add-on role.

Moving on to the action, Natalya makes her way to the ring first and she’s accompanied by Bayley. It also brings joy to my ears that Eden Stiles is back on ring announcing duty! There was a shot of her at the start of the show and an introduction to her from Byron Saxton yet as I can’t find an embeddable video for that, this introduction from me will have to suffice. Great to see her and those stunning eyes back!

As Nattie makes her entrance, we cut to a backstage exclusive of Aunt Natalya talking. Her promo makes little sense to me and she says that her New Years Resolution is to forget her manners. WOW! I’m sure all the Divas are shaking in fear after hearing that! Next, Nattie will be hitting people with knitting needles and hot water bottles! Summer is next to make her way to the ring and Charlotte is nowhere to be seen. Is she scared of everyone’s favorite ‘Cat Lady’?

The match starts with a collar and elbow tie-up, which Nattie crisply slides out of. She transitions a hammerlock into a headlock takeover to get the advantage yet Summer retaliates with a headscissor. Nattie kips up out of it and Summer gets right back on the offensive, hitting a jackknife cover. Natalya rises up and tries for a backslide yet Summer matches her for strength and rams Tal into the turnbuckle. Summer races at Natalya and gets an elbow to the jaw, a strike which she follows up with a snapmare and basement dropkick. Natalya picks Summer up yet the leggy Diva manages to counter whatever the ‘Dungeon Diva’ had on her mind and she levels Nattie with a massive spinning heel kick.

Following an unsuccessful cover, Summer locks in her Indian Deathlock variation and this where I can hear Beyonce singing in my head. “I SWEAR IT’S, DE-JA VU!” Nattie is quick to reverse Summer’s submission into one of her own yet Summer is also lightning fast to get to the ropes to break the hold. Summer drags her foe to the ropes to work over her leg yet Natalya send Summer to the outside. Summer races back into the ring yet flies right into a drop toe hold from Nattie. Tal then hits a snap suplex and a clothesline before forearming Summer’s cheek off. She then whips Summer across the ropes, with the North Carolina native composing herself with a kick to Nattie’s shoulder. Summer rebounds off the ropes and averts Natalya’s discus clothesline yet Natalya avoids another spin kick from Summer as she grabs Summer’s leg mid move! She trips Summer up and locks in the Sharpshooter to end it. Natalya’s old theme song plays instead of her new one and if there is ever going to be a botch, that is a good one. YEAH BABY!

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match yet it was more or less the same as the WWE Superstars match from a few weeks ago. Although the order was different, a lot of the same spots were repeated so elements of the match were predictable. However, the ending with the series of reversals was awesome so well done to Summer and Nattie for pulling that off. Natalya often reverses something mid-move and her ability to think of those situations is a reason as to why she is a top worker in the company.

I am a little disappointed that Sasha and Bayley didn’t get involved as that really would have set this match apart from the Superstars one, yet you can’t have it all.

Another week, another solid episode for the NXT Divas. It’s great to see Eden back, it’s great to see Charlotte back and it’s great that Lana was also present. Whilst she didn’t do much nor do I have a video clip for her this week, she is on NXT consistently, including last week when no other Diva was so I have to applaud her for owning her role and you have to thank WWE too for giving her the chance to showcase herself each and every week.

SPOILER ALERT: With the next few weeks featuring no Paige in-ring action whatsoever, I am nervous about what I will see considering my future wife and shining light is apparently nowhere to be found. However, after seeing this week’s match, I have faith in the other girls to step up whilst the champ isn’t around.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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