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NXT Redux (March 25th, 2015): Emma Gives Some Guidance, Carmella Gets a Gift & Alexa Goes for Gold

Good day everybody! And welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. It will be filled with title matches, shocking reactions, gift giving, and another look at an impending debut so rather than waste your time, let’s jump on in!

We’re greeted by the sound of JoJo “LET HER WRESTLE DAMMIT” Offerman, as she announces the following Women’s Title match! Out first is the challenger, our one and only glitter blizzard, Alexa Bliss. Up next is her opponent, the most brilliant human being with the most brilliant theme song in the world… Sasha Banks!

Special shout out to Sasha’s new shoulder twerk move post ring entrance but before title posing. I love it.

Saint JoJo then provides the in ring introductions, as Sasha yells that Alexa doesn’t deserve this. Alexa with a drop toe hold into a quick roll up, but just a nearfall. Crucifix! Small package! All kick outs. Sasha then takes control, but Alexa hits a nice armdrag roll-up. Dropkick follows suit, but Banks now takes FULL control with a sharp kick as she beats Bliss down. Sasha with the running slap, followed up with a curtsey but only for a two.

Alexa now with an elbow, but Sasha continues to counter as she nails the double knee over her rookie opponent. Banks now locks in the arm lock submission, screaming that Alexa isn’t even in her league. The crowd gets behind Alexa as she fights out, ducking a clothesline and attempting a roll up, but Sasha counters. Alexa with a small package! Sasha now backs Bliss into the corner, and Alexa hits a hurricanrana. She fires up and sends Banks flying to the outside!

Alexa goes outside and throws Banks back in. LORD! That slap. Alexa now fires herself up and hits a nice sweep into the Glitz Flip! One… two… no! Alexa gets sent into the corner, then bounces off the ropes and into the flipping powerbomb! Beautiful.

Unfortunately… still just a two count.

Alexa seems shocked, as the crowd now gets firmly behind her! She heads up top, but Sasha throws her down and applies the Bosslock! Alexa tries to fight… but taps.

Backstage, we see Bayley sitting in the locker room as Emma approaches. She brags about being right in regards to her warning last time we saw these two together. Emma claims Bayley is being TOO nice, and it’s sacrificing her career. She urges her to bring her aggression out, claiming that the NXT crowd is trying to fool her. They WANT to see these over the top personalities, but they’re not the ones who are going to get you to stardom on the main roster. Emma experienced this very same thing last year, and she wants to help Bayley escape falling victim to the same path.

Bayley continues to doubt Emma, claiming that they’re two different people. She feels the NXT Universe helped get her to where she is… but before she can continue, Emma SMACKS the taste out of her mouth and walks off.

Later on, Cass, Enzo and Carmella stand backstage when they’re approached by Blake & Murphy. They target Carmella specifically, as Blake apologizes for what happened last week. They state that they’d never intentionally hurt a beautiful woman like herself, and to show they’re truly affected, they bought her jewelry! The princess loves jewelry, and then asks Cass and Enzo why they don’t buy her anything like this. Enzo tries to downplay it, but Carmella seems perplexed.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention another appearance by DANA! Tragically, though, I can’t find video of it. :(

Thoughts: Another stellar week for NXT, as per usual to be honest. I have to honestly say my highlight must be the Emma and Bayley segment. This feud could be legendary because of how fourth wall breaking it is. I LOVE that they’re acknowledging Emma as an evolving character who feels bitter that the NXT crowd built her dancing up only to collapse when she hit the main roster and they moved on to other fun characters. It’s just so realistic and so… un WWE-like to acknowledge. It almost feels weird, but in a really great way and I HOPE this does for Emma what NXT did for Tyson Kidd. She already looks 100x better channeling the heel behavior and I feel like this could be a perfect side feud to keep Sasha and Bayley away from each other until their eventual title feud. They’re just doing it so right at the moment and I want it to never end!

As far as the match goes, I thought it was good in parts and decent in others but overall a respectable showing! Alexa still has some fine tuning to do, but she’s continuing to shine in certain areas (the flip powerbomb, the smack, etc) and her facials are on fire. She just has to keep working on transitioning in my opinion, as once she has that nailed, she could become SO great.

Continuing the love where the tag title feud is going, and I’m as excited as always to see Dana make her grand debut!

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