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NXT Redux (May 1st, 2014): Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men… and a Title Tourney

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Normally on a Friday, the only thing double we get is a double dose of me, yet it’s double dose inception today as we’ve got a double dose of action with a double dose of Reduxes. Christopher Nolan style shizz right here. On NXT this week, the tournament to crown the second ever NXT Women’s Champion begins with two first round matches. The first four Divas vying to replace Paige (and fail miserably as she’s amazing [just kidding]) are Bayley, Layla, Natalya and Sasha Banks. Points for noticing the bracket inception in the last sentence too. In terms of who is facing who, Bayley fights Sasha for the 68,574th time and Layla faces Nattie.

Note: Due to me starting a new job, general tiredness and juggling another Redux, I’ll just be providing thought this week. That and the fact I’ve gone blind after looking at Tamina‘s trousers from the Superstars Redux! First up, it’s Bayley vs Sasha. Before I post the video of the match, feast your eyes on this, the best way to sum up Bayley’s fantastic new entrance.

You’re welcome.

Now onto the match. Can Sasha finally pick up a win against good old Baylz?

Thoughts: Oh, WWE!! You gave Bayley snazzy new entrance props and talk about her development and growth on commentary and don’t capitalize on it by giving her the belt or at least letting her get to the finals?1 I’m totally gutted my prediction didn’t come true. I think she really deserves it for being the most consistent talent in the ring and character wise on NXT. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get her shot eventually. And I can’t predict everything right all the time, I’m not Mystic Meg. Or Diva Dirt’s Cryssi, who has an insane record on the PPV predictions this year. No one probably cares yet Cryssi, you have deserved this beautifully random shout-out.

On the other hand though, Sasha desperately needed a big win, so I can’t complain too much. I just wish they had worked the brackets out differently so both could have won. Nevermind!

Onto the match itself, this was yet another solid encounter between these two and perhaps their best match so far. The unexpected roll to the outside from Sasha after the Belly-to-Bailey was a highlight, as was Bayley kicking out of Sasha’s Bankrupt finisher, the move rarer than unicorn poo. For a match as short as it was, it felt longer than it actually was, which is always a good thing. The near falls and moments towards the end has me legit on the edge of my seat and invested in the action.

I also noticed Summer Rae‘s head was no longer on a stick. An interesting development there!

Now it’s time to see two main roster Divas battle it out as Natalya scraps with Layla. Now before I get to the match, I want to to address the general annoyance from people and how they hate the fact main roster Divas are in the tournament. Are these main roster girls the Divas Champion? No. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be in this tournament as if they were to win the NXT Women’s Championship, they could just not travel alongside WWE when NXT tapings come around. Paige on the other hand, she’s the main roster champion, so she has to be able to travel all over the world holding the belt. That’s the difference and I don’t see why people are kicking up a fuss. Also, why debut several new NXT girls all at once just for most of them to lose? Forgetting all that nonsense, we’ve got a match to talk about!

Thoughts: Let me firstly discuss the promos that were featured during each Divas entrance. Natalya thinks NXT is like her home? We wouldn’t have guessed Nattie, you’re never on the show. My blatant sarcasm aside, saying NXT was like her home made no sense whatsoever, and whilst it would obviously be an honor for her to win the belt, her saying NXT was her home was totally ridiculous. As for Layla’s promo, it was bland and pointless. Layla can be a comedic genius and she was left saying that generic statement? “What Layla wants, Layla always gets.” I’m sure you didn’t want a flop heel turn yet you got that last year. Let’s be real Layla, your statement was flawed.

The match itself bored me. The problem with tournaments is it’s 99.9% of the time going to be Face vs Heel each round, so if it wasn’t already obvious, Natalya would win. I also didn’t like Natalya’s shouting of “LAYLAAAAAA” (like, we know who you’re wrestling against) and another part that irked me was when Layla repeatedly hit Natalya on the head when she was on the mat. It looked silly and not in anyway painful. Also, that botched schoolgirl, oh dear!

I did however LOVE William Regal bringing up his former partnership with Layla. Regal is by far one of the best commentators and he deserves to be on the main roster. Give me the dream team of him, Tom Phillips and Booker T please!

I’m very much looking forward to next week and another double dose of Divas as Emma faces off against Charlotte and Alicia Fox herself faces the debuting Alexa Bliss! Can’t wait to see the pocket rocket in action!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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