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NXT Redux (May 8th, 2014): Charlotte Bursts Emma’s Bubble and Alexa Shocks the Fox

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. So it’s time for the closing week of the quarter final round of the NXT Women’s Championship tournament as Charlotte of the BFFs takes on Emma, and former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox faces the debuting – and incredibly beautiful – Alexa Bliss (and no, I’m not counting that one time she was backstage unnamed with Tyler Breeze nor the time she celebrated Paige‘s championship win in the ring). We’ve got plenty to get through so before I waffle on about a load of rubbish like I normally do, I’m going to stop myself and get on with it!


Kicking off the five-match episode of NXT are Charlotte (accompanied by Sasha Banks) and Emma. Emma is out first and it’s nice to hear the audience so behind her as opposed to the main roster crowds that doesn’t react so infectiously to Emma’s awkwardness. Charlotte and Sasha are out next and Charlotte is looking cracking, perhaps the best I’ve seen her look.

The match begins with Charlotte running the ropes and getting in the zone as Emma does her dance move rapidly a couple of times to get her in the right mindset. LOL. The girls grapple with Charlotte coming off best as the commentary team (including Miss Renee Young) discuss who Emma’s ‘friend’ is that she has got with her tonight. Renee hilariously suggests Santino as they are “in like” with each other yet I have other ideas…

Moving on, the pair jockey for position with collar-and-elbow tie-ups yet again, with Emma getting the best of the action in the long run as she throws Charlotte down and then manages to trip her up to get a one count. The announce team nicely discuss Summer Rae no longer being a part of the BFFs as Charlotte dodges the DilEmma and hangs Emma up on the top rope.

After some frantic pin attempts from Charlotte, ‘The Flair’ of NXT locks in a tight figure-four neck lock. Emma breaks free temporarily yet after a hard clothesline, the Australian finds herself in the same predicament. After getting her face rammed into the mat several times, Emma finally breaks out of the submission, yet Charlotte stays on her for a little longer until Emma creates some space and hits a game-changing clothesline.

Having got her breath back, Emma introduces her ‘friend’, VenEmma (why can’t I tag that?! She is a reptilian Diva after all!) and the snake is poised to attack! After a distraction from Sasha, VenEmma finds a mark, yet not the target she wanted! Using this to her advantage, Charlotte rolls Emma into Charlotte’s Web and wins it in the tightest of fashions.

Now we turn our attentions to the final first round contest in the NXT Women’s Title tourney as Alicia Fox takes on the debuting Alexa Bliss. Alicia and her killer strut are out first, as the commentators do a fantastic job putting her over as a formidable and aggressive threat.


Cuter than a button and quicker than a hiccup, Alexa makes one hell of a slick and memorable entrance. I don’t even like glitter and fairies and stuff yet this was great! The blowing of the glitter – epic. The fact she rose up on the apron as her theme song made a glistening noise – epic. That sweet little way she got into the ring – epic. The fact she’s cute and hot at the same time – epic. Apologies Paige if you are reading this. I’m not besotted with somebody else too… honest!

The match starts with the fierce Foxy throwing Alexa around by a rag… fairy? Alexa may be small but she has some feist in her, which we see by her kicking of Alicia in the face! After that, she does a 450 spin from the top rope before forward rolling on the mat to get in the position she wanted to be for a dropkick – very impressive! Alexa keeps the bling coming as she hits a backflip knee drop.


After two back-to-back pins, Alexa tries to get back into the swing of things in terms of her momentum, yet Alicia shuts her the hell down, crippling her with her lovely tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. THAT Eva Marie is how you sell it. After a rough pin attempt, Alicia hits a snapmare yet Bliss kicks out. Alicia tries a submission now, locking in a *yawn* chinlock that she changes into a side headlock after hitting her patented northern lights suplex.

After a short while, Alexa makes it to her feet and breaks free (which is shown with an epic camera angle and some nice, believable acting from Alexa), kicking Alicia in the stomach and elbowing her in the face. Alicia temporarily throws Alexa off of her like she just swatted a fly. That fly runs back at Alicia and hits a stunning roll-up that was more butterfly than fly. It’s enough to get the win and Alexa has won her debut match!

Thoughts: This was another fantastic week for NXT. Two competent matches that had the right girls win, we saw a brilliant debut, a heel lose yet not look bad in defeat and we also got some fantastic commentary.

Starting with Charlotte vs Emma, I really liked the opening foray of action, with Emma using her quickness to trip Charlotte over. The finish was also unique as it showed us that the Charlotte’s Web is a move that is capable of getting wins for the first time. The pin itself looks impressive yet now it’s became more of a threat you want to avoid. Well, I’ll avoid it easily as I’m not a wrestler, but you get what I mean. Emma kicked out a whisker after the three count and that, plus Sasha’s interference paint Charlotte perfectly as a crafty, Machiavellian heel. I just want Emma’s snake to become extinct now. That thing belongs in a fossil and not my line of sight.

Alexa vs Alicia was short yet sweet, just like Alexa herself. Of course, Alicia didn’t put a foot wrong and Alexa’s moveset were impressive. The 450 flip seemed kind of random and like she didn’t actually need to do it, yet it looked fantastic so I’ll let in slide and forget logic for the time being. The girl can flip with ease so that’s good enough for me. I can’t even do a sit-up with aching and failing miserably, nevermind doing a 450 degree flip and a backflip knee drop!

I have to applaud the commentary team too. Although the new guy was still a little rough, Tensai or whatever he is called put over the girls incredibly well, as did Renee, who also brought her dry humor to the table. Great stuff from them! Mike Adamle, they are not!

Very excited to see the tournament continue, especially Charlotte vs Alexa. Those two are athletic, gymnastic and feisty blondes, so I can’t wait to see them battle it out.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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