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NXT Redux (November 13th, 2014): Sasha Makes a Statement

Gooooooood day everybody! Allow me to welcome you to this weeks wonderful NXT Redux. I mean that in the events that transpired being wonderful, not that the redux is because that all depends on if you like or hate my writing (I usually hate, it’s okay).

This week, we’ve got submission specialist, benevolent boss, quintessential queen, Sasha Banks in action against the sparkling spectacle, beautifully blissful,… bah, I lost it on trying to find some Q words. She just rocks okay, and she’s Alexa Bliss!~ In addition, the other founding member of Team Best at Everything (B.A.E. if you will), Becky Lynch will be ringside. Can Alexa return to Full Sail with a monumentous win? Or will Sasha bankroll over the competition on her hunt for championships?

Let’s find out!

Oh no, this is unacceptable. The video that has been selected to bless us with some Boss vs. Bliss is starting at the near end of Sasha’s entrance. How am I supposed to jam out to my favorite theme song in all of wrestling? Well… besides pulling it up on my phone. But still. It’s just not the same as seeing Sasha strut out to it like the head boss in charge. We get a recap of Sasha and Becky’s win last week.





Here spins Alexa Bliss, and it’s a miracle! My prayers have been answered! The stage glitter blow kiss has been returned right where it belongs. Alexa glides into the ring as our announcer, the ever so underrated and deserves to be wrestling, JoJo provides introductions for the contest. Alexa then removes her tutu which does not look to please Sasha, and oh wait, Becky is ringside too. This is a fact I’d probably have known if the video wasn’t cut, but hooray for Team B.A.E.!

The two circle around, as Alexa takes a small curtsey before getting taken over by Sasha. Banks nails a set of knees to the midsection, but just a two count. Sasha then proceeds to hit perhaps my new favorite move in wrestling where she snapmares her opponent and runs off the ropes with a nasty ass smack across the face. It only gets a two count, but it’s still insanely cool.

Banks transitions into a surfboard! The crowd tries to egg her on, as Alexa tries to fight out and finally goes reverse into a pinfall attempt. Bliss now fights! Headscissors takedown! WOW! Alexa leaps off the corner and hits a beautiful sunset flip powerbomb for just a two count. Not going to lie, I may have replayed that move a few times because wow. Nevertheless, Alexa continues to keep the momentum in her favor with a clothesline, but this doesn’t last long as Sasha scores with a dropkick and then wha-bam! The Bank Statement! Alexa is forced to submit as the Boss reigns supreme.

Becky Lynch walks into the ring to celebrate, and now what’s this? Sasha is signaling for a microphone! She hopes Charlotte was watching their match just now, because the dirtiest Diva in the game has something our Boss wants — the NXT Womens Championship. Sasha wants to make this official, because not only is she going to embarrass Charlotte, she’s going to show EVERYONE why she’s the baddest Diva in all of NXT.

With that, Becky and Sasha celebrate Banks’ win as Sasha looks to be on the warpath in her
hunt for gold… err, black and silver.

Thoughts: Even though it was pretty short compared to our usual NXT Diva match lengths, I really liked this match. Alexa is getting better and better every time she steps in a ring, and her sunset flip powerbomb was perfection. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to making that her finisher, or at least one of them as I would like to see her keep the top rope diving splash as well. She’s still improving, but I feel like in another year-year and a half, she’s going to take the division by storm. I’m still undecided on whether I want her to keep the fairy princess persona or not because there are pros and cons to it, but for now I think it’s fine and it helps to establish/separate herself from the pack. Becky Lynch has shown us that just because you debut with a certain character does not mean it’s what you’re going to have forever (and thank the Irish stepdancing lord for that).

Sasha was Sasha in this. She works well with every single Diva in my opinion, and she is very good at being able to guide some of the newer ones. I just think she is THE Diva that a womens division should be centered around. Her promo wasn’t her best work, but it’s understandable because she had just got done wrestling and it was fairly short in comparison to her star-making mic work at TakeOver 2. I just really see so much in her, and it puts me over the moon that they FINALLY seem to realize what they’ve got in her after wasting her in side roles for way too long. Her impending match with Charlotte could be absolutely amazing if they build it up with loads of backstory and get the time to perform (which I have no doubts they will considering every live special Divas match is usually considered to be just a smidge below the main event).

That’s all for now! I’ve missed a few tapings as of late, so I’m not entirely sure what comes next week (I’m trying to avoid spoilers! Please bear with me in my time of need). Nevertheless, until next week, shine your Boss glasses up and practice your woo-ing, for we have a title feud on our hands!

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