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NXT Redux (November 20th, 2014): Be(ck)st. At. Everything.

Hello one and all, and welcome to this weeks one stop, cream of the crop, totally on top, sharing shop for all things Diva when it comes to NXT. Last week, we saw Alexa Bliss sunset flip powerbomb her way into the impressed hearts of millions, but ultimately fall victim to 1/2 of Team Bae in Sasha Banks. This week, it’s the other half, Becky Lynch, who gets a chance at singles action when she goes one on one with the woman she turned her back on to join the illustrious group, Bayley!

Out to the ring we head, as our faithful announcer, JoJo, gets us started as Bayley walks out from the back. She hugs a small child at ringside because she had to prove me wrong when I thought she couldn’t get any more adorable-r. She climbs into the ring, waves around, and has a bright smile on her face like only Bayley could… as out next enters her opponent. She’s dastardly!~ She’s the head banging rock God, Becky Lynch! And she’s not coming alone, as right by her side stands HBIC, Sasha Banks.

Becky slides into the ring and shakes around a tad, as Sasha gives her a little rock sign of approval in a time where she needs it as the crowd immediately cheers their “bay” on. Bayley immediately backs Becky up and hits some head shots to the abdomen, before the two trade an Irish Whip that ends with Bayley leaping off the opposing corner with a lucha-esque arm drag! She charges forth to keep the momentum going, but Becky hoists her up and clothesline her right into the ring apron.

Lynch drags her back in and hits a suplex, then nailing a kick and following it with a legdrop/elbow drop combo for a two count. The crowd continues to get behind Bayley, as Lynch applies a choke hold and gets rolled up for her troubls. Bayley ducks a clothesline and takes Becky down, then building a comeback and following it up with her corner combo! Suplex finishes it, but just for a two count. Bayley climbs to the top, but Becky rolls out of the way and snaps Bayley’s neck off the ropes as Sasha distracts her. She then charges inside and scores the roll up victory over Bayley!

Both women begin taunting her, but they’re then interrupted as the NXT Womens Champion, Charlotte, walks down and orders the two of them out of the ring. Sasha and Becky make their way to the back as Charlotte and Bayley eye the twosome down.

What’s this?? We then head backstage to see Charlotte tying her boot up as she’s approached by Bayley. She thanks Charlotte for the help earlier, to which Charlotte replies by letting Bayley know that she’ll be absent next week and for Bayley to avoid Sasha at all costs. Bayley agrees, says thank you, and ends the segment with a hilarious hug on the stone faced champion.

In addition, Carmella(!!!!!) managed Enzo and Big Cass for their tag team match later on in the night. Unfortunately(!!!!!) there is no video online for this.

Thoughts: Not my favorite week in NXT for the Divas to be honest, but I think it’s understandable since they weren’t given as much time to shine as usual, which is perfectly okay. I felt the match was honestly too short to really develop, but it was fine for what it was and just really satisfactory over all. Like, I have nothing really to complain about, but everything just felt very standard, even with the aftermath. It’s kind of expected, however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing… just kind of a thing I don’t have much to say about.

I will say I’m still kind of 50/50 on the Sasha/Becky pairing. It’s so perplexing to me only because I feel there are so many pros and cons to it I can’t decide if I’m for it or against! On one hand, I think Becky really benefited from it because she’s back on the winning side of things and getting to do more. But on the other, I kind of feel like the two just don’t fit character wise. Like, Becky’s rock character was strong enough on its own (not saying she was booked strongly with it, just that the character itself was over and had enough of a presence solo), and I’m not sure it really goes with Sasha’s HBIC type. It kind of makes me think perhaps Alexa Bliss could have been a better choice for the heel turn as I can see her persona really gelling opposite Sasha’s a bit more than Becky’s just due to how different it is in comparison.

They also seem to, between this week and especially in the tag team match we saw recently, be booking Becky as sort of getting beat down a lot and sneaking out wins… which is also something I buy more with Alexa Bliss than I do her considering Alexa’s size and stature as being very small and quick. Becky feels like a bit of a brawler to me, who should be wrestling more in the ways that she did earlier on where the matches felt more 50/50 and she got to do some killer moves, even while going down in defeat, still looking strong throughout the match.

I mean I don’t have a problem with Sasha and Becky, it’s just very odd to me in the sense that I can’t decide how to feel about it. They’re kind of like having two completely opposite puzzle pieces and trying to make them fit when they both seem to go perfectly fine elsewhere, in the sense that I think Sasha is strong enough now to not need a partner, and Becky’s character was strong enough as well… she just unfortunately suffered from five girl division syndrome and had to always lose because there was nobody else to do it.

We’ll see how things evolve from here on the road to NXT TakeOver: (R)Evolution? (I hope I spelled that right). Nevertheless, next week should be fun and I’m still looking forward to seeing where we end up in December. Will Sasha be champion?! Will Charlotte continue her dominance?!

Stay tuned!~

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