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NXT Redux (October 5th, 2016): A fatal partnership is born

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Welcome to this week’s NXT review! Last week after Asuka defeated Liv Morgan in a 90 second bout, NXT teased a partnership between the Femme Fatale and the Venus Flytrap of NXT.

This week the fatal pairing is born as Billie Kay accompanies Peyton Royce to her match against the debuting Danielle Kamela. Let’s watch the bout.

Peyton slinks to the ring first with Billie Kay in tow. Before the match starts we’re taken to a recap of last week of the two teasing Liv about her loss. Commentary puts over the fact that Billie and Peyton have similar goals and see eye to eye so a partnership between the two isn’t surprising.

Danielle makes her way to the ring next. Commentary notes her background of training with Rikishi and how she is a former TV host, actress, and a former NFL cheerleader. She was also an NBA dancer for The Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals.

The two lock up as Peyton takes control by throwing elbows and hitting a slam. Danielle takes Peyton by surprise with a roll up, slam, and then a cross body.

Peyton fires back with kicks and ties Danielle in the ropes before chocking her in the corner with her legs. She plants Danielle with elbow and knee strikes. Peyton then slows her down with a headlock. Peyton transitions into mutliple submissions before Danielle backs her off into the corner. She hits Peyton with a back hand spring elbow. She tries to hit Peyton with a slam but Peyton reverses it. Peyton puts her away for the win with a fishermen’s suplex pin.

Billie joins Peyton in the ring as they stand over a defeated Danielle.

Billie boasted about the win on instagram:

After the match, another vignette for Sanity airs.

Sanity makes their debut next week!

Thoughts: I’m really, really glad they paired Billie and Peyton together. They both have the potential to become vicious heels and their gimmicks are so different from the norm. I love Peyton’s poison ivy feel. She embodies a voluptuous, but deadly flower. I’m ecstatic that she’s finally getting screen time because she just oozes charisma.  She’s also very fluid and flexible in the ring. When she originally debuted her Venus Flytrap character, I was immediately hooked.

I feel the same way about Billie and this partnership will serve both of them in taking them to the next level. Alone, they could only do so much and possibly get lost in the shuffle that is the evolving landscape of the division. But, together, together they can get themselves over and grow. The only thing the girls needed was screen time to develop memorable characters. Now that they look like they are getting some, I can see them target the other women in the division and take them down together. It’d be a welcome change if both of them tried to take out Asuka in a triple threat or handicap match.

Danielle did well in her debut. She was able to get in some offense and I’m always a fan of the back handspring elbow, it’s a nice call back to Chyna. I’m looking forward to her progress and learning more about her. Speaking of which, I know NXT is focusing on the Dusty Tag Team Classic now, but another vignette, backstage interview, or even fallout video after the show airs wouldn’t hurt. NXT has been regaining its footing with the division but there’s still no excuse for just one women’s segment when the division is shaping up and there are women waiting for their time to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Sanity debuts next week, which should be interesting according to spoilers. I’m very intrigued as to how this will play into NXT as a whole and the women’s division.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Are you looking forward to the pairing of Billie and Peyton? How would you book them next? Sound off in the comments below.

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