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NXT Spoilers for Tonight

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of NXT below:

Taping is ongoing. Keep checking back for more.

* CM Punk is with Josh Mathews on commentary as Michael Cole “quit” the show last week. There was a major seating snafu at ringside which delayed things.

* A Rookie Challenge opens the show – it’s a game of musical chairs. Kaitlyn is eliminated first. The competition continues with a couple of fights breaking out. AJ wins and acts like she just won the Super Bowl. AJ will face Maxine later tonight.

* CM Punk is wearing a brown sports coat with his ring gear. They air a vignette for Aksana.

* Backstage, Goldust is shown comforting Aksana. He tells her to be herself.

* AJ w/Primo b. Maxine w/Alicia Fox when AJ reversed a suplex.

* Michael Cole comes out to cut a promo. He says all you people just boo, boo boo but a silent majority wants him back on NXT. He calls his supporters “ColeMiners”. Cole announces he’s returning to NXT. He got a ton of heat in the segment.

* All of the Rookies come out for a “Talk the Talk” challenge. Jamie’s topic is teeth. The segment is a filler where they all cut promos. Cole and Punk stand up and mock each Rookie when they finish. Aksana doesn’t know what a llama is.

* Naomi, Jamie & Kelly Kelly vs. LayCool & Kaitlyn w/Vickie Guerrero. A pose down between Jamie and Layla starts things off. Area native Chad Patton is the referee. Kaitlyn was busted open but continued to work. She tried to roll Naomi up but she reversed it to win the match for her team. LayCool take out Kaitlyn after the match. Vickie directs traffic as LayCool stand tall to end the show. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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