Monday, September 25, 2023

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NXT Spoilers for Tonight

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of NXT are online. The show airs at 10pm EST on Syfy. Click ‘show’ to read:

* All of the mentors are back in the ring except for Miz. MVP explains last week was an initiation and asks if they’re all cool. They all shake hands and Striker announces Kaval vs. Riley next.

* Kaval hype video. Indy footage used.

* Laycool on commentary. Riley shoves him around a bit until Kaval hits hard axe-handles. Back and forth submissions. Kaval with a series of kicks and a standing double stomp. He goes for Warriors Way and misses, letting Riley hit a modified stunner slam for the win.

Post-match Riley says Miz told him to take it alone. Laycool promises to train Kaval to make him better. (Source: PWInsider)

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