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NXT Teases A New Look With Logo Change

NXT Black & Gold, NXT 2.0, and now a new logo was revealed at the end of the Sept. 13 episode.

This week’s episode was the celebration of one year since the rebranding of NXT into NXT 2.0. The change was originally met with a mixed to negative reaction by fans but NXT 2.0 would continue putting on quality matches and focusing on character development that the brand has always been known for.

As the Sept. 13 episode went off the air, a video package with a voice-over by VP of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels recapped the year’s history of NXT 2.0. In it, he stressed that NXT will continue doing what it has always done and that is to develop talent to move on to the main roster. The brand is constantly evolving.

At the end of the video, the logo changed from the NXT 2.0 logo to a new logo in the same font but dropped the 2.0.

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