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NXT Watch (January 9th, 2013): Emma Wants to Dance, but Paige Wants to Destroy

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh… oh pardon me. I was just humming along to what might be a future “best theme song of the year” contender at the annual wrestling awards show I throw by myself called the “Bobby’s”. You’ll find out what all those “duh”‘s go to a little later on, but for now, let me welcome you to this weeks NXT Watch! First off, thanks to Jack for filling in for me last week and covering the national anthem of a theme for the Divas division, “TA-MI-NA” to great extents! This week though, we’ve got more Divas action in the form of Paige taking on Emma. It’s a match that I know I’ve been wanting to see happen ever since Emma reported to Tampa, and therefore, I will not waste your time with my babbling. Instead, let’s kick things off and head right into the action!

Suddenly, my world is turned upside down by the revelation that I have a new contender for the most catchiest theme song award I give out in my own mind… Emma! The funky beat hits and out she comes. Out of nowhere, she begins shaking her hips and flailing her arms around, which, good God, I have to say amuses me more than anyone will ever know. After about thirty replays, I finally get to the part where Emma flips herself into the ring, which I’m hoping she alters to the method she does at the live events where she nearly falls when trying to.

Emma’s music is sadly cut off, which seemingly gets the same reaction out of her as it does from me. Before we can complain though, the rock beat of the enchanting Raven haired lady strikes, as the crowd goes crazy insane. This can only mean one thing… Paige! Paige fast walks her way down the ramp and lets out her trademarked screech before removing her coat and stepping into the ring. The bell sounds and we kick things off with a “Paige” chant, as she throws Emma around by the hair. Following a scream, Paige begins stomping Emma on the chest, then proceeding to attempt an Irish Whip that Emma counters into a kick to the knee.

From there, the dance phenom charges off the ropes and nails a nice front dropkick. She attempts to fix her hair a little (Ahh… World of Hurt memories), and then goes for a cover but only attains a near fall. Paige’s knee looks tweaked, which puts Emma to target it and hit a nice leg style DDT for a two count. Emma continues the ambush, now taunting her with more of her five star dance moves! Now if I were Paige, I’d probably get up and start dancing with Emma, but I am not, and chances are Paige doesn’t feel the same way I do about those sweet, sweet dance moves.

Emma takes Paige into the corner and continues ambushing the injured knee. She grabs Paige by the foot and watches as she hobbles around a bit, before connecting with a dragon screw! Not one to let up for even the slightest moment, Emma shows shades of her trainer, Lance Storm, and locks in a single leg Boston crab! A “Let’s Go Paige” chant erupts, as Paige does just that and kicks Emma on her face. Following a sharp kick to the stomach, Paige sets it up… and BAM! The Paige Turner connects for the victory as Emma looks to dance her way back to the doctors office.

Thoughts: Ha! I absolutely love that Emma took the route with her character of doing a comedy type routine. In fact, I probably can’t even reiterate how much I love it. It helps her to stand out, and judging from the people that we’ve seen on the main roster for WWE, the company loves their comedic roles. Add in the fact that she can also wrestle and you’ve got the key for success! She could’ve easily just took the role of your run-of-the-mill heel where she scowls and yells for the crowd to shut up, but she didn’t. Plus, her dancing is insanely fun and I can’t wait to see what other moves she brings to the table as it goes on.

The match was great until the ending for me. I would’ve liked to see Paige build up a little more before hitting her finishing move, but for all we know, they could’ve been told to end it right there, or maybe Paige really did tweak her ankle as it looked so after that mind numbingly loud kick to Emma’s abs right before the end. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the match and loved seeing Emma target Paige’s ankle. The crowd is always into these Diva matches at NXT, which makes them even more fun to watch as you aren’t sitting here with dead silence.

Overall, it was another enjoyable show. Hopefully in the future their matches can go on a little longer, as if I had one complaint it would be that I feel like all of the Divas they utilize can work lengthier matches and do well in them. But I’m aware that the show is only one hour long and their are a lot of other people in the back as well, so I’m thankful for what we get. Especially when what we get is as entertaining as it was tonight. Job well done to both Paige and Emma! (And Summer for her great announcing as always)

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