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Nyla Rose wins Casino Battle Royale

AEW’s All Out kicks off with their Buy In event which featured a 21-woman Casino Battle Royale. The winner of this match moves onto AEW’s first show on the TNT network on Oct. 2. At their debut show, this winner will compete to become the first Women’s World Champion. Nyla Rose wins as she goes bell to bell to pick up her victory.

The rules for the Casino Battle Royale worked the same way as the men’s did at Double or Nothing. If you did not see that match the rules were as follows:

  • Wrestlers have selected a card from a “special deck”
  • The suit of the card they have selected determines their group
  • Five women per suit, the match starts with five women
  • Every three minutes the deck gets shuffled to see what suit enters
  • Lucky 21- After all suits have been exhausted, the wrestler who drew the joker card will be the last to enter
  • Eliminations are over the top rope

The first suit was the Clubs. The women who drew the Clubs were as follows:

Bates, Kelly, Royal, and Apache all decide to attack Rose at first thanks to Bates idea that the four of them should be able to take out the one of her. Rose is able to show her strength as she pushes all four competitors away and out of the corner. Bates looks to be the first eliminated but she is hanging upside down from the middle rope. Her fellow Librarian, Peter Avalon helps her. He lays out books for her to stand on so she can walk herself back into the ring.

As Bates walks her way back on books to get into the ring, Rose eliminates the other three competitors. Royal first, followed by Apache and Kelly. Once Bates gets back in the ring, she attempts to use a book as a weapon but Rose makes quick work of her this time by eliminating her.

Rose stands alone waiting for the next group to enter

The next group was the Diamonds,

As the women take there time heading down the ring, Ford heads down first to attack Rose. She leaps off the top turnbuckle to take her down. She continues with a back handspring and elbow as the rest of the women get into the ring. McKenzie and Baker fight each other after McKenzie knocks out Big Swole. Baker eliminates McKenzie by grasping her by the mouth and takes her over the top rope.

Phoenix of RISE Champion, Big Swole, has a moment with Nyla Rose in the center of the ring. Both women going at each other to the crowd chanting for Swole. Rose would later eliminate Ford right as the new wave comes out.

The next suit was the Spades.

Baker doesn’t waste any time as the new group is making their way to the ring. She makes a bee-line towards Priestley and knocks her down on the ramp. She throws fist after fist. As the rest of the women get into the ring, Rhodes uses Kong to her advantage. She lets Kong do her dirty work.

Kong eliminates two huge competitors, Dashwood and Ivelisse.

The last suit to enter was the Hearts

Allie makes a quick and straight shot right to Rhodes. She is still angry from her lost to Rhodes at FIght for the Fallen. SHIMMER Champion, Nicole Savory takes her turn in trying to get out Rose. Kong was eliminated by ODB, Priestly and Gibbs leaving Rhodes to fend for herself. Jazz was eliminated by Rose, and ODB eliminated by Baker. Baker would continue her eliminations by helping Allie eliminate Rhodes.

The last entrant that drew the Joker was:

Mercedes Martinez

The final four would end up being Martinez, Baker, Priestley, and Rose. Unless Martinez was going to be signed by AEW it was pretty certain that one of the other three women were going to win as they are on the AEW roster. Martinez was eliminated by Baker first. The final three saw the enemies Priestley and Baker with Rose. They attempt to team up to eliminate her. She is out on the ring apron but does a cartwheel maneuver to keep herself safe as she knocks the other two back.

Baker bests Priestley as she throws her over the top rope. The final two doesn’t last long as the eliminated Priestley assists Rose with dumping Baker to the outside. Baker is eliminated and Rose is the winner as she went bell to bell to pick up the win.

The most eliminations go to Rose with a total of 10, Baker had 5, and Priestley had 3.

Rose will now be the first competitor for the AEW’ Women’s World Championship. The match will take place on Oct. 2 on TNT. Her opponent will be the winner of the Riho vs. Hikaru Shida to happen later tonight on All Out.

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