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OVW Spoilers: October 24th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed today’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky.

The show (#740) can be seen at Spoilers below:

* Taeler Hendrix vs. “Miss OVW” Lovely Lylah. Lei’D Tapa is on commentary. Taeler has Lylah’s “Miss OVW” tiara and taunts her with it. Taeler dominates most of the match and calls Lylah a “whale”. Mid-match, Taeler puts on Lylah’s tiara, and Lylah snaps. She spears Taeler, splashes her in the corner, and finishes her off with a big powerslam for the 3. Winner: Lylah by pinfall.

Tapa holds up the title at the announce table as she stares in the ring at Lylah.

* MIXED TAG MATCH: Jessie Belle & Dylan Bostic vs. Holly Blossom & Evan Markopoulos. Dylan distracts Evan by telling Jessie Belle he dropped something. Evan looks at Jessie Belle as she bends over to look. Dylan tries to roll him up while distracted. Evan gets a side headlock on Dylan and tags Holly. Holly takes over the headlock on Dylan, who is enjoying the move with his head pressed into her chest. Holly tags Evan back in. Dylan locks Evan up from behind and tags Jessie Belle. Jessie Belle takes over and Evan reverses, enjoying having Jessie Belle locked up from behind. Finally, the girls get mad and tag themselves in. Jessie Belle gets Holly in a small package and Evan gets in and rolls Holly over on top. As the ref gets him out, Dylan rolls Jessie Belle back on top for the 3. Winners: Jessie Belle & Bostic by pinfall.

After the match, Evan sneaks up behind Jessie Belle and smacks her on the butt. He runs out real quick and Jessie Belle, seeing no one else around, smacks Dylan in the face as Evan laughs on the outside. Dylan yells out to him that he still won, though.


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