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OVW Spoilers: September 5th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed today’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky.

The show (#732) can be seen at OVWrestling.com. Spoilers below:

* Pre-show dark match: Taeler Hendrix vs. Holly Blossom (w/Hannah Blossom).
Taeler says she doesn’t need to wrestle, because she is already Miss OVW. Taeler & Holly bump each other in the middle of the ring and pose. They finally lock up all around the ring and to the outside. They argue on the outside and finally look up at the ref’s count of 8. They get back in and Holly rolls Taeler up in a small package for 3! Winner: Holly by pinfall.

* Backstage, Lylah is still unsure of herself, the Blossoms argue over wearing a bikini at SNS, and Taeler walks in and says it doesn’t matter what they wear, because she will win, although she says Hannah would probably look better in it. Lei’d Tapa walks in and Ray Ray is surprised she showed up after what she did to Trina last week. Tapa shoves her head into the wall and says she will see her in her ring tonight. Ray Ray, playing the role of the dumb blonde, is happy that she gets to wrestle.

* Lei’d Tapa vs. Ray Ray: Tapa hits a big boot to the face of Ray Ray and stomps away on her before the bell ever rings. Trina comes out to make the save, clotheslining Tapa over the top rope.

Trina takes a mic and says that due to Tapa’s attack last week, she hurt her knee and has to have surgery. She was told she might not be able to wrestle again, but plans on coming back stronger and faster. Unfortunately, she has to relinquish the Women’s Title. She tells Tapa that this isn’t over.

* Post-show dark match: Nikki St. John vs. Hannah Blossom (w/Holly Blossom). Nikki & Hannah shove each other, and Nikki slaps Hannah. Hannah charges at Nikki, but Nikki sidesteps her and Hannah runs into the turnbuckle. Nikki grabs Hannah, but Hannah slaps Nikki in the face, knocking her glasses off. She then connects with the Blossom Kick for 3. Winnter: Hannah by pinfall. (Source)

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