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Perfect 10 of 2008: Michelle McCool (#1)

Welcome to the Perfect 10 of 2008, the countdown that highlights Diva Dirt‘s ten top Divas and Knockouts of ’08! Which Divas/Knockouts have made the biggest impact? From champions to talented wrestlers to big personalities, the Perfect 10 has them all!

Despite four years on WWE’s books, 2008 was the year Michelle McCool truly arrived. She became the top Diva of Friday nights, helped launch a brand new women’s division and became the first ever Divas Champion.

Michelle kicked off 2008 involved in a bitter love triangle between Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble, considered just another blonde in the WWE Universe. But by 2008’s end, Michelle proved her worth as a wrestler and became one of WWE’s top Divas. It all began when Michelle won SmackDown’s “Top Diva” contest in April, from there the show launched it’s own women’s division and title.

The Great American Bash proved to be Michelle’s crowning moment, when she became the first ever Divas Champion. Battling many for the title, Michelle’s rivals included Natalya, Maryse and Maria.

The final months of 2008 peeled new layers to Michelle. 2009 is set to see a darker new side to the now former Divas Champ.

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