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Persia Pirotta Gives Statement On Her WWE Release

Persia Pirotta, real name Steph De Lander, was one of ten NXT talents that were released on April 29. Her time with WWE was short as she made her debut last October. She quickly formed a tag team with Indi Hartwell and the two were showcased weekly on NXT programming.

Pirotta first posted a Bob Marley song titled, “Three Little Birds,” after the news broke of her release. Today, she had a further statement that she made on her social media expressing her gratitude and she is ready to make lemonade out of lemons.

Her statement reads as follows –

“Today I woke up & chose gratitude. I am grateful for so many things. I met some of my BEST friends here, I took my grandparents’ name and showcased it on a platform as big as WWE. I surprised myself with the things I was able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. If anyone knows how to make lemonade out of lemons though, it is me. Time to level up.”

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