Friday, May 24, 2024

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Picture of the Day: Leva Bates Channels Her Inner Pokemon Trainer

Leva Bates is quite highly regarded for many things.

You’ve got great wrestling and ridiculously fun promos… but through it all, what really helps her to stand out among a crowd is that of the fact she has taken cosplay to a whole new level, adopting many a costume for her ring gear.

This time around, Leva has taken on the look of Ash Ketchum. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s widely known from the Pokémon series.

She posted the above photo on her Instagram account, captioning it, “A pic from @pwxperience this past Saturday! Thanks to Adrian Rohr for taking it. If you have pics from this weekend, send em my way!”

We’ve got to admit, while the gear earns an A+ as always, the Poké Ball in her hand is the perfect icing on the cake. And when it comes to obtaining victories, Leva’s certainly gotta catch ’em all when dressed like this.

…Hey, I tried.

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