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Picture of the Day: Sandra the Seamstress Gets Her ‘Total Divas’ Bowl On

Here at Diva Dirt, we like to envision what each Total Divas star is doing leading up to the reality show’s big return tomorrow night.

We assume Brie, Daniel Bryan, Nikki and John Cena are on a double date at a foreign restaurant due to the overseas tour. Natalya and Tyson are getting it on… in the ring that is, as they practice practice practice to remain as perfect as perfect can be. Naomi and Jimmy Uso are more kicking it in the backseat of a rental car, rocking out to some funky music as Cameron (sans Vinnie) drives them around the U.K. and enters her inner Angry Hulk mode when a driver stops short in front of them.

Eva Marie and JoJo on the other hand, are likely doing media to help promote tomorrow’s festivities… but when it comes to that other star we all know and love (human star, mind you… we all know and love Glitty and the late Gismo Neidhart as well), she’s out getting her bowl on!

Of course we’re talking about Sandra who, as shown above, aims to get that oh-so perfect strike while decked out in her “Total Diva” shirt. The picture was posted on Sandra’s Twitter account without a caption included because obviously, she’s Sandra and needs to explain nothing.

Who else is hoping we get more Sandra on the premiere tomorrow night? We’ve got to admit it’s topping our Total Divas wish list, alongside Cameron coining an extra two catchphrases per episode!

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