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Picture of the Day: Saraya Knight Shares an Early Look at a Future Diva

By now, we pretty much all know about the infamous wrestling Knight family out of Norwich, England.

They make up a talented group, but to female wrestling fans, they might be the most familiar with Saraya Knight and her daughter, NXT Women’s Champion Paige.

Now what if we were to tell you Saraya actually didn’t even know she was pregnant with Paige for a good seven months?

That rings true, as she posted the above picture on her Facebook account, relaying the story that the above photo was taken when she was six months pregnant with Paige. According to Saraya, it would be another month before she realized she was pregnant.

And just in case you think Saraya’s pulling your leg, Paige has shared the story as well, mentioning it in her first interview with

Plenty of wrestlers use the phrase that they were “born to do this”, but in Paige’s case, she takes the expression literally!

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