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Plans for Maryse’s Return


As first reported last week by the Wrestling Observer website, it’s expected that former WWE Divas Champion Maryse will return to television imminently. With last week’s Diva Trade, this sets the stage for her comeback even further as the Trade is being considered a ‘do-over’ for the women’s division, setting up brand new feuds etc.

Maryse’s return, we’re told, will likely happen in the next few weeks but she may not wrestle right away. The plan at the current time is to bring her back as a character first and wrestler later, allowing her knee injury to fully heal but will also allow WWE to utilise her again.

The former Divas Champion will likely be relinquishing her crown as top heel Diva on Raw, at least for now. Those that we’ve spoken to have corroborated earlier reports that there’s big support backstage for Jillian. The plan as of just a few days ago was to have Jillian feud with Melina over the Divas Title.

Upon her return, Maryse may once again become involved with The Miz in backstage segments but the other name being thrown around for a possible feud is Eve Torres, who joined Raw just last week. If that’s the case, this will also likely be made up of backstage skits until Maryse is ready to wrestle.

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