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PPV Predictions: TNA No Surrender 2010

Former Beautiful People partners, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky, face off tonight in a huge grudge match. Which Knockout will come out on top? We weigh in…

Cryssi: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this match, for all intents and purposes, should be a title match! Unfortunately, it’s not. Womp womp. I will say that I love the fact Madison versus Velvet is going to come to a head on pay-per-view. These two deserve to have a huge payoff match because they’ve both worked their asses off to make their feud come alive. Velvet is nothing but gold on the mic and in her acting segments, and because of her high level, Madison has had to pick it up. She’s done just that. The break-up of this version of the Beautiful People was really well done and I hope neither woman holds anything back come Sunday. I want to see weaves ripped out. I want to see clothes ripped off (granted they actually wear them). I want Madison and Velvet to put on one hell of a show and prove to everyone that they don’t need Tara and Angelina to carry them. My prediction to win is Velvet Sky. She needs a massive singles victory to elevate her as a competitor tonight she gets just that.

David: Tonight at No Surrender, TNA presents a show with extreme stipulations and championship matches. Oh, and don’t forget, there will also be a special ‘grudge match’ between Madison Rayne and her former BP buddy Velvet Sky. A ‘grudge match’, huh? Sounds great. I’m pretty sure that’s Latin for ‘nothing important will happen tonight’. Madison wants to get her hands on Velvet so she can eventually get her hands on Angelina’s title. Tara came back to help her even the odds against the BP. (OH, so Tara WAS the mystery biker?!) Not a bad subplot except I thought Tara lost her career a few months ago. Oh well. I think Velvet wins Sunday night, but the real action is when the Knockouts Title is eventually on the line, or when we get a tag team ‘grudge match’ that shows if Tara’s allegiance is for real.

Jennifer: Although I should’ve seen this coming, the announcement of this grudge match on last Thursday’s Impact caught me off guard. The buildup has been good and considering we just saw the other obvious option for a match (the original Beautiful People vs. Madison & Tara), I’m glad at least one women’s match is on the PPV. My money’s on Velvet due to her and Angelina losing last Thursday, plus I think people are ready to see Madison get her ass handed to her by her other former partner.

Melanie: I think this is only the start of a tag team feud between the original Beautiful People and Rayne & Tara, so logic dictates that the heels go over and we keep this thing going. Quite frankly, like Layla in Lay-Cool, Velvet has been made to look like the weaker half of either the original Beautiful People (with Angelina) and 2.0 (with Madison). She is the one that can barely get a singles win and when she does, it’s usually with help of her tag team partner or in a fluke-y roll-up fashion. That said, I don’t see Velvet coming out on top in a singles match, especially as a babyface without a Rayne or Love to interfere on her behalf. I think she, with the help of Angelina, will come out on top in the inevitable tag team match whenever that may be, but not tonight. Rayne wins.

Shanti: I loved the bitching and fighting between Madison and Velvet that went on for the past couple of months, but I think that Angelina and Tara’s presence have taken a lot of the sizzle away from this feud. It’s become more about “us vs. them” instead of “me vs. her.” This past Thursday on Reaction, Velvet said she and Madison will be facing off one on one. I HIGHLY doubt that this match is going to end without an interference of some sort. That being said, I’m going to with Velvet Sky defeating Madison Rayne. Over the time they have been feuding, Madison has treated Velvet (along w/Lacey) like dirt, had a part in them losing the Knockout Tag Team Titles, and has left them in the dust for Formerly Mystery Biker Chick, now known as Tara. Not to mention the fact that Madison defeated Velvet just this past Thursday with the help of her new BFF. It’s time for Velvet to finally get her revenge.

Steven: The recent reunion of the original Beautiful People has been a big thing in the Knockouts division and in TNA as a whole. With Velvet and Angelina scoring the top rated segment on Impact last week, I could see TNA putting all their efforts into pushing them, much like they did a few years back. For that reason alone I see Velvet pulling out the win over Madison tonight. Hopefully, once The Beautiful People pull out a win, we can see Velvet take a backseat and let some of the lesser used talent get a chance in the limelight.

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