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PPV Predictions: WWE TLC 2010

Tonight will see the first ever Divas Tag Team Tables Match as Beth Phoenix and Natalya (Glama-Hart) team up to take on Lay-Cool. Who will be put through the table? And who will walk away with the victory? The DD team weigh in…

Cryssi: I expect a lot of shenanigans mixed with chaos in this match. The WWE picked the right four women to compete in this type of match. Natalya and Beth are brawlers, and Lay-Cool will have the comedy aspect down pat. Call me an optimist, but I expect this to be a beautiful match. Everyone will get a ‘spot’, but at the end of the night I fully expect to see Michelle McCool to go through a table with Layla slammed down on top of her giving Natalya and Beth Phoenix the victory. As far as after the match, that’s when things get fun. As the champ and the Glamazon celebrate, Melina runs out with a steel chair in hand and clocks Beth in the back, getting rid of her. Natalya is confused but she starts brawling with Melina. When the A-List Diva gets the upper-hand I expect her to ‘Last Call’ Natalya in the middle of the ring, set up a table, and send the Divas Champion through it. Heel turn completed.

David: Tonight’s Divas Tag Team Tables Match at TLC should be historic! If it was simply Divas Champion Natalya and a returning Beth Phoenix vs. resident bad girls Lay-Cool, that would be exciting enough for me. But add in a rich, interesting storyline (a rarity in WWE) and the hardcore stipulation, and these four girls have a great chance to wrestle a match we’ll remember for a long time. I am not sold on Beth’s friendship with Nattie; sure they might like each other but Nattie has something the Glamazon wants, the championship belt. I think Natalya and Beth Phoenix will defeat Lay-Cool tonight but then once the match is over Beth will slam Natalya through a table, sending her a message: in the end “gold and diamonds” really are a girl’s best friend.

Eric: There are two questions floating around in my head about this match. 1) Do both partners have to go through a table? 2) Is Beth even capable of a stunt like this? Does Layla even have the body mass to go through a table? While I am interested to see what WWE decides to do with the match, I don’t see any heel Beth/heel Melina swerves going on. I predict a short and sweet match. Look for Michelle to go through the table and look for Layla to be slammed on top of her. Natalya and Beth Phoenix will win. Maybe then Natalya will finally get a new challenger.

Erin: This back-and-forth with Natalya and Lay-Cool has been going on for some time, as has Lay-Cool’s shenanigans. I feel like both are reaching their end, but only the feud will end tonight. The tables match stipulation puts this match firmly in Beth and Natalya’s advantage, which leads one to believe that Lay-Cool will find a way to weasel out a win. However, I think, with this feud set to finish, Natalya must finally, and decisively, put Lay-Cool in their place. What better way to do that than slam both through tables? The win will do a lot to legitimize Natalya’s Divas Championship reign and solidify Beth’s dominance as she transitions back into the WWE fold. I think Natalya and Beth Phoenix will defeat Lay-Cool in a way that both satisfies fans and serves as satisfying an end to this feud.

Melanie: Hmm, I’m really torn on this prediction. I could see either team winning but my gut instinct says Natalya and Beth Phoenix take home the victory. What baffles me is why Natalya got dragged back into a feud with Lay-Cool? It seemed that feud was over after Nattie won the Divas Championship and ousted Lay-Cool from Raw the night after Survivor Series. Then, it seemed, we’d see Beth Phoenix feud with Lay-Cool in a ‘grudge feud’ on SmackDown while Natalya worked a new challenger for the title on Raw (who it seems will be Melina). After a couple of weeks of separation, Nattie is dragged back into the Lay-Cool web. As for Beth and Lay-Cool, this is a feud that could have easily written itself — they pretty much put Beth out of action back in May. Yet all we’ve seen is a monotonous series of run-ins and no storyline advancement. I honestly feel WWE killed what could have been a hot feud between Beth and Lay-Cool on SmackDown. Anyway, getting back to TLC and this match, I have actually enjoyed the minimal build-up that we’ve seen. The promo on SmackDown this past Friday, in which all four Divas shone, sold this match to me and made me want to see it. As I said, I see Glama-Hart taking the win. As for who’ll go through a table? If it’s only one member that needs to go through one to win (as I expect it will be) I expect either Michelle or Natalya to take that bump as I don’t think Beth is 100% and I don’t think Layla could withstand such a spot (she’s too precious!). My money is on Michelle. She seems like it’d be something she’d be willing to do & I think she’d have the tolerance to take that bump which is a testament to how far she’s come.

Steven: I feel like this could finally be the end of the Natalya/Lay-Cool saga and what an exciting way to top things off. Ever since Natalya beat the BFF champs for the Divas Championship, she’s been on the receiving end of a few beatdowns. I think this is the perfect way for her to come out on top and cap off this fued. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she has one of the most dominant Divas on the roster as a teammate. My prediction is Natalya and Beth Phoenix win and Natalya moves into a fued with Melina on Monday night. As for who’s going through the table, my money’s on Michelle. I just really can’t see little ol’ Layla taking a monster bump like that.

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