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Preview: Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha II

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Ultima Lucha II has begun Believers! Last week’s episode was dedicated to Dario Cueto‘s “unique opportunity” match. Several competitors fought their way through a variety of undesirable circumstances and for the next two weeks the action will continue with a series of matches that will determine the fates of everyone in the temple.

Our beloved luchadoras will join the fray as they battle it out against their enemies for a shot at gold, to prove who’s the best, and for revenge. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

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Death Match: King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Catrina will accompany her man Mil Murtes as he seeks to eliminate King Cuerno once and for all in a Death Match. The two have been at each others throats this season after a deal to eradicate Fenix completely dissolved and animosity began growing between them.

Several weeks passed before Mil engaged in a Graver Consequences casket match with Matanza. Mil lost and his body awaited burial. Meanwhile, Cuerno snuck his way into the pallbearer section and took home Mil’s dead body for his trophy room. Catrina resurrects Mil while Cuerno is at the Temple.

Her magic successful, Mil returned with blood out for Cuerno. That led to a singles match, which saw Mil eat defeat again. Catrina went to Cueto and lobbied for a rematch, insisting it be a Death Match. Satisfying Cueto’s thirst for violence, he granted it.

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Black Lotus vs El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Black Lotus’ story may seem familiar, a woman who saw her parents murdered as a little girl so she trains to seek revenge on the people who killed them – some of the impetus behind Batman. Her story is deep and rich and has been going strong since last season.

Out to kill Matanza, whom she believed murdered her parents, last season El Dragon Azteca Sr. came to Black Lotus and began training her for the showdown. However, she grew impatient and struck out on her own, getting captured by Cueto in the process. He placed her in a cell across from Matanza.

El Dragon Azteca Sr. attempted to rescue her but it was too late. Cueto told Black Lotus that it was actually El Dragon Azteca Sr. who killed her parents. Enraged, Black Lotus kills him.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. takes on the mask this season, setting out to avenge his mentor’s death by killing Matanza. Cueto informs Azteca Jr. that Black Lotus was the real killer, but Azteca Jr. doesn’t buy it at first.

In what will be Black Lotus’ first step into the ring, she vows to destroy Azteca Jr. and take his mask back to her tribe, while Azteca Jr. wants to punish her for what she did to Azteca Sr.

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The Perfect Woman vs The Baddest Bitch: Taya vs Ivelisse

Out to prove who’s the better woman, Taya and Ivelisse have been playing a game of cat and mouse this season. Both have been crossing each others paths intentionally and unintentionally for weeks now. During a tag match to determine the winners of two Aztec medallions, the two were paired together. Reluctant partners throughout the bout, Taya accidentally costs her team the match.

Cueto, intrigued by the possibilities of a rumble between the two, set up a match between them to find out who the baddest woman really is.

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Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Daga vs Killshot vs Mariposa vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Night Claw vs Sexy Star vs Sinestro de la Muerte

Last season Marty abducted Sexy Star and it was his sister, Mariposa that subjected her to brutal torture. Sexy Star came back this season a battered and scared woman. With the help of The Mack, who focuses on Marty, she faces her demons and sought retribution against Mariposa. The two fought it out during a No Mas match, which became the most critically acclaimed bout in the promotion’s history.

Forced to put their differences aside, Sexy Star and Mariposa team up against Taya and Ivelisse to win two Aztec medallions, with the former winning the match and sending them both to Ultima Lucha. Having beaten her before, Sexy Star now looks to cinch championship gold while Marty and Mariposa threaten to stand in her way again.

Meanwhile, another participant, Daga finds himself with an unlikely admirer. Kobra Moon has been hunting him and helping him win matches, could she prove to be the match’s wild card?

Winning the Gift of the Gods Championship will grant the wearer the opportunity of redeeming the title for a Lucha Underground championship bout.

Part 2 and 3 of Ultima Lucha airs 7/13 and 7/20 at 8 pm ET/PT on the El Rey network.

What matches are you excited for? Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below.

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