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Preview of Pro Wrestling EVE’s Wrestle Queendom

This weekend (May 5th), Pro Wrestling EVE will present Europe’s biggest all women’s wrestling show with their event Wrestle Queendom.

Below is the card scheduled:

  • EVE CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT: “The Main Event Empress” Sammii Jayne  vs  The ACE of EVE, “Fearless” Charlie Morgan
  • CO-MAIN EVENT: Japanese legend AJA KONG vs “The Vixen of Violence” VIPER!
  • INTERNATIONAL DREAM CHALLENGE: “The Hardcore Daredevil” Kay Lee Ray vs Meiko Satomura
  • THE FINAL “WILD CARD” LADDER MATCH QUALIFIER: “The Box Breaker” Kris Wolf vs “The Shit Talk Queen” Jetta
  • 6 WOMAN “WILD CARD” LADDER MATCH: The winner of this ladder match will win a contract giving them the right to challenge for the EVE Championship at any time. Qualified so far: Livvii Grace, Leah Owens, Millie McKenzie, Kasey Owens, Nina Samuels
  • WAR GAMES RULES STEEL CAGE MATCH: For the first time anywhere in the world there will be a women’s steel cage, war games rules match up! Six women, from six different countries, be competing in this historic match – take a look at the teams: SQUAD GOALS: Rhia O’Reilly, Emi Sakura, Addy Starr, Laura Di Matteo vs. THE DESERVING: Jayla Dark, Blue Nikita, Jamie Hayter, Charli Evans

To help hype the event, Pro Wrestling EVE owner and promoter Emily Read spoke with Indy100 to discuss how her recovery from mental health helped inform her promotions new image:

“I found that during my recovery that the timid nature that is encouraged in women and diluting yourself to make others feel comfortable just felt like a waste of time. I also realised how I could use this honesty as an effective tool for my business. Wrestling is the medium I use to put forward my art, my beliefs, and views as a person. That’s why I feel EVE can’t be copied because it is an extension on mine and Dann’s [Emily’s husband] identities.”

Read continued to discuss wanting to create a safe environment for EVE’s shows:

“We have a very large female fanbase who have never seen any other form of wrestling apart from EVE. People are begging and screaming to be shown strong women, whether they are bad guys or good guys. They don’t want to see airbrushed women wearing appropriate body armour. This combined with the fact that we make of point of saying that you are safe at this show really helps. If you are here alone and you want someone to walk you back to the station we are there and we can happily do that and we want you to feel happy and safe and comfortable at our shows. You don’t have to worry about being harassed here because generally speaking it doesn’t happen because if it does, that person is going to get kicked out.”

Emily concluded the interview by discussing the progression of feminism:

“When you look back at the history of feminism, progression can be slow and it can take decades. That’s just how social movement works. What it always needs is that catalyst and that fire, and people at the forefront like Dann, and myself, who’re not afraid to make noise and demand what should be done, no matter how radical it might seem. With EVE, what we’ve found that we need is to make those bold moves and show people not how it can be done, but how it should be done. People who say that there isn’t sexism anymore and that there is no more need for feminism, I think that we are the proof that there is a need for it.”

Former EVE Champion and long-serving star Rhia O’Reilly shared her sentiments on this milestone event:

“It feels more than a show, it feels like a landmark event in women’s wrestling and that’s what has been more amazing than anything. No one has ever done anything like this on this magnitude. That’s what has proven to be the most exciting thing about it. We are going to be a part of history.”

Fellow Pro Wrestling EVE star Charlie Morgan, who came out as gay last summer, also expressed her sentiments:

“I always had hoped that it would get to this stage, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon and this is just the start. I can’t imagine what’s going to come in the future, but I think things are only going to get bigger and bigger.”

The event will stream live on iPPV on FITE TV at 3 PM ET. Tickets can be purchased here.

Will you be watching the event? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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