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Pro-Wrestling: EVE Announces All Female Wrestling Camp in UK

New promotion, Pro-Wrestling: EVE has announced that it will be running an all female wrestling camp in the UK later this year in conjunction with the British Wrestling Council. EVE is a new women’s promotion that you will be hearing a lot more about in the coming months here at Diva Dirt.

The camp will be run by wrestler Alex Shane, who was once a mentor for Katie Lea, and is open to all female wrestlers in the UK — of all levels of experience. EVE management will be scouting talents to be part of the company’s launch in the spring. Read the full press release below:

BWC Weekend Camp In Conjunction With Pro-Wrestling: EVE

January 24 2010, London – The British Wrestling Council are proud to announce its first ever all-female weekend training camp!

The camp will give female wrestlers across the UK a chance to meet and train with their peers from other schools across the country. No matter what stage you are currently at in your career the two days will be of huge benefit to all female wrestlers hoping to get the very most out of their chosen profession.

The camp will be run by “The Showstealer” Alex Shane who is commonly regarded as one of the most successful wrestling teachers in the UK. Along with current WWE champions Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, Alex was responsible for head hunting and mentoring current WWE Diva Katie Lea.

The camp is being organised in conjunction with the brand new female only wrestling promotion Pro-Wrestling: EVE which launches Spring 2010.

Believing in the current crop of female wrestlers in the UK Alex Shane was keen to be involved with Pro-Wrestling: EVE and has brought EVE on board with the British Wrestling Council feeling they are the exactly the kind of platform the female wrestlers of the UK deserve to be performing on.

Along with the chance to learn from one of the most respected and successful individuals in professional wrestling applicants will also have the chance to be a part of the launch of Pro-Wrestling: EVE as management from the promotion will be attending day two of the training weekend in order to view the female talent for live event consideration, record green screen promos and take promotional pictures for the launch of the company.

More after the cut:

The camp will begin at 11am on Saturday February 20th and end at 4pm on Sunday February 21st. The camp includes accommodation in a 5 bedroom luxury house ten minutes from the gym and is priced at just £57.50 for the two days. Places are limited and are expected to go quickly so early booking is advised.

The weekend training camp will be taking place at:
RQW House
12 Pollyte Works
Wantz Road
RM10 0PS

To book your place please email [email protected].

About The British Wrestling Council

The British Wrestling Council is the first ever recognised governing body for Pro Wrestling in the world. Using a unique syllabus and grading system exclusive to the BWC, over ten schools around the UK are currently making history by being the very first to be able to offer it’s students an independently recognised Pro Wrestling qualification from a real governing body.

On top of this, the British Wrestling Council have announced new plans for industry safety standards that have been agreed and supported by over 15 of the top wrestling companies in the UK. These plans are intended to improve the standard, safety and professionalism of British wrestling shows and already has the backing of 2 national newspapers who intend to nationally promote the scheme from early 2010, the BWC plans to work with its extremely impressive council of advisors to help properly regulate, assist and nurture the domestic scene back to health and prosperity from both a business and creative standpoint.

Using a Council of Advisors that are possibly the most varied yet impressive collection of individuals the current British Scene could possibly hope to have aid in its growth and prosperity, the BWC will give back to the industry in many ways the likes of which have never been seen in Professional Wrestling before. As it is a not for profit organization, the British Wrestling Council will give money it makes back to the UK wrestling community in the form of scholarships for students, equipment for shows, free insurance cover, disclaimers and legal council for our recognized promoters and financial help, mentoring and increased promotional avenues for our recognized industry professional wrestlers.

About Alex Shane

As a wrestler, promoter and trainer Alex Shane has done it all on the European wrestling scene and is widely regarded as one of the most recognisable and charismatic personalities to have come out of England in the last 20 years.

As a wrestler Alex captured the FWA British Heavyweight Title twice and competed against some of the major names in international wrestling of the past decade – including international stars such as former WWF World Champion Mick Foley, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Raven, Steve Corino, Doug Williams and Paul Burchill.

As a promoter Alex brought industry leading wrestling promotions to the UK such as TNA Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. In addition to this Alex also promoted his own hugely successful “Super Shows” which are some of the biggest wrestling shows to have taken place on UK soil in the past 10 years, these include: British Uprising 1, 2 and 3, International Showdown, Universal Uproar, the King of Europe Cup and “Revival” which was screened on television satellite channel Bravo.

As a trainer Alex influenced, mentored or directly coached hundreds of British wrestlers and personalities including current WWE Champions Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, WWE Superstar Paul Burchill and WWE Diva Katie Lea among hundreds of non wrestlers including LDN promoter Sanjay Bagga and XWA owner Greg Lambert.

What Alex Shane doesn’t know about pro wrestling isn’t worth knowing. For anyone who wants to become a professional wrestler, or who simply wants to learn more about the wrestling business, Alex is one of the most important people on the European wrestling scene.

About Pro-Wrestling: EVE

Pro-Wrestling: EVE is a brand new female only wrestling promotion launching spring 2010 in the UK and is from the promoter of the successful UK “ChickFight” events which were filmed and broadcasted on television in six countries including USA, Canada and UK, sold worldwide on DVD and online via

EVE is presented not ’just’ as a female only wrestling promotion but as an alternative product to the male dominated wrestling industry showcasing the unique talent and athletic abilities of the top female professional wrestlers from all over the world .

EVE has established links to numerous other all-female professional wrestling promotions around the world including in the USA and Japan and is currently in the process of establishing more as it attempts to showcase the level of talent that management believe should be seen elsewhere. It is this along with the dedication to continuous investment and improvement to the female scene in Europe in addition to the recognition and involvement from the BWC and top British professional wrestling promotion FWA that makes Pro-Wrestling: EVE the perfect platform for all serious female professional wrestlers to a part of and an exciting product for fans to enjoy.

For more information on The British Wrestling Council and Alex Shane visit

For more information on Pro-Wrestling: EVE please email [email protected].

Follow Pro-Wrestling:EVE on Twitter at

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