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Pro-Wrestling: EVE News & Notes: New Match Announced, Training Camp Details & More

Pro-Wrestling: EVE news update:

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Pro-Wrestling:EVE News Update (11/03/2011)

In This Update:

We preview the First Round of the upcoming Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament to take place over April 8 and 9.

We announce a new First Round Match in the tournament.

We preview EVE DVD #4 ‘Empire Strikes Back – Final Chapter’ which was
released this past Tuesday.

We announce details on the next Pro-Wrestling:EVE Training Camp

+ More!



The Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament brackets are almost complete
with just one match and four participants remaining!

Lets take a look at the announced matches for the Pro-Wrestling:EVE
Championship Tournament thus far:

Match One of the Championship Tournament features a tournament favourite
in 20 year veteran Saraya Knight [WAW Gym] vs the brute force of Amazon
[WAW Gym], ‘The Fightin’ Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly [No Gym Affiliation] and
finally ‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm [European Empire].

Tensions will no doubt be high in a contest that features both Saraya
Knight & Nikki Storm following the events that took place at the end of
‘Empire Strikes Back – The Final Chapter’.

Meanwhile ‘The Fightin’ Irish’ recently made EVE Management aware that she
was no longer training under Team Storm as wished to make a name for
herself as a solo star.

Whilst not confirmed it is speculation that the invents involving Nikki
Storm and Team Storm (Nikki had a very brief fling as part of the Team
Storm gym before joining the European Empire) has lead to Team Storm
dissolving with Becky James not even scheduled to be a part of the
Pro-Wrestling:EVE weekend. It should also be noted that ‘The Dynamite
Princess’ pinned both Rhia and Becky in the 3 Minute Warning match back at
‘Empire Strikes Back – The Final Chapter’.

Amazon is coming into this contest as by far the biggest and perhaps most
vicious of the four EVE Professionals. The last time we saw Amazon in EVE
was in an incredibly hard-hitting tag team contest with fellow WAW Gym
member Destiny as her partner against European Empire stable-mates The
Northern Shooters – Jenny Sjodin & April Davids. The match ended in a
double disqualification as all 4 Professionals brawled within the the ring
and refusing to stop.

Later on in the evening Amazon went searching backstage for The Northern
Shooters and caused such havoc that EVE Management were forced to have her
ejected from the building before the show was even over.

With Amazon joining Saraya Knight in having a personal grudge against the
European Empire of which Nikki Storm is a part of and with Rhia O’Reilly
obviously wanting to avenge her previous loss to Storm not to mention
having probable cause for revenge with Nikki being the catalyst for Team
Storm no longer operating one must therefore come to the conclusion that
Nikki Storm is entering this contest with a target on her head.

Match number 2 in the first round of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament will be revealed in next weeks update!

Match number 3 in the first round of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament will see the recently erupted feud between The European Empire
and The WAW Gym continue to flare in the one fall Four Corners match that
will see Shanna [European Empire], April Davids [European Empire], Destiny
[WAW Gym] & newcomer Alice Liberty [WAW Gym].

Shanna: Portugal’s Perfect Athlete made quite the début for
Pro-Wrestling:EVE immediately putting the female wrestling world on notice
that this previously unheard of Professional was the real deal. With
tremendous technical fundamentals and the ability to take to the air
Shanna made a name for herself in a tremendous back and forth contest with
Britani Knight in a match that saw Knight take the victory. Later on
however in the 3 Minute Warning contest Shanna was out for blood and
secured a submission victory over the 18 year old second generation
professional and also managed to put the youngster out of action for
several weeks such was the damage caused.

Liberty: This is a big match for Liberty to make her Pro-Wrestling:EVE
début in but with recent impressive performances for her WAW Gym events
and at the recent Pro-Wrestling:EVE training camps EVE Management feel she
is very deserving of this opportunity.

Destiny: Liberty’s WAW Gym mate Destiny on the other hand must be walking
into this tournament as one of the favourites having held practically
every women’s championship there is to hold in the UK in her 6 year
wrestling career. Destiny will also be looking forward to once again
getting in the ring with our next entrant…

April Davids: With earned nicknames such as ‘The Professional
Face-Breaker’ and ‘The Lancashire Terrier’ it doesn’t take a genius to
figure out that April Davids is one seriously vicious, aggressive and
hard-hitting individual.

Davids and her Northern Shooters partner Jenny Sjodin met Destiny and her
WAW Gym partner Amazon back at Empire Strikes Back – Chapter One in a
hard-hitting match that the referee was forced to throw out and rule a
double disqualification such was the nature of their contest. Later on in
the evening Davids & Sjodin joined Jetta, Nikki Storm and Shanna in
forming the European Empire destroying WAW Gym leader Saraya Knight as
‘Empire Strikes Back’ came to a close.

Now Davids & Destiny will meet again in a 4 Corners match as part of the
Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament however should either be looking
to advance this time they will need to worry about more than just each
other as despite having gym partners in the match with the EVE
Championship at stake in this tournament neither Shanna or Liberty will
fail to take any advantage they can in order to win the match for

The Fourth Match in the First Round of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament will feature the ONLY undefeated Professional currently active
on the Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster in the form of Germany’s Alpha Female [No
Gym Affiliation]. The Munich Mauler has become arguably the most popular
Professional on the Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster after tearing through
opponent after opponent including being the only person to ever slam EVE’s
super-heavyweight Destiny in her 6 year wrestling career. However since
DVD #2 (A New Hope – Final Chapter) Alpha has had issues with The Glamour
Gym. From twice sacrificing their then personal assistant Jane Beatrix
Dunn to the German Giant instead of taking the contests themselves to
aiding Destiny in gaining an advantage in their one on one contest on DVD
#4 (Empire Strikes Back – Final Chapter). Do both Carmel Jacob &
Sara-Marie Taylor of The Glamour Gym have a death wish or do they believe
they have a way to make a name for themselves at the expense of The Alpha
Female? From running scared to actively provoking it seems The Glamour Gym
have suddenly changed their tactics and there is no doubt that a win over
The Alpha Female would certainly propel either of the duo’s career even
further into the spotlight. Well on April 8 at The Royal British Legion in
Norwich Carmel Jacob [The Glamour Gym] will get just that opportunity as
she too will be in the 4 Corners match with The Alpha Female as part of
the first round of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament. However
waiting in the wings ready to hand Alpha Female her first defeat and move
ahead in the tournament at the expense of Carmel Jacob is former EVE
Potential Em Jay [No Gym Affiliation] and EVE newcomer Kay Lee Ray [No Gym

While not successful in her EVE Potentials match back on DVD #4 (Empire
Strikes Back – Final Chapter) Em Jay has since dramatically upped her
training regime and taken part in all Pro-Wrestling:EVE training camps
(for more information go to and in the eyes
of EVE Management her hard work, continued dedication and improvement has
seen the Portsmouth native go from EVE Potential to EVE Professional. The
student of Hardcore Holly and The UK Kid will undoubtedly be going into
this tournament as one of the underdogs and perhaps even a perennial
afterthought to the other Professionals however Em Jay will be looking to
showcase her improved in-ring abilities and create the biggest upset of
the night and if Em-Jay can get past this match then there is no telling
just what she may be able to achieve…

Our fourth and final Professional in this contest is 18 year old Kay Lee
Ray from Scotland. Kay Lee will be making her début on Friday April 8 at
The Royal British Legion in Norwich and while she has never even been on
the same cards with the majority of the rest of the EVE Professionals one
person whom she has had her fair share of battles with is also in this
contest in the form of fellow Scot Carmel Jacob. Having competed against
her numerous times in Scotland Kay knows what she has to do to get past
the Glamour Gym member and will no doubt be looking to keep the contest
between the two. Kay Lee Ray comes into Pro-Wrestling:EVE highly touted by
some of the best wrestlers in the world as being the ‘One To Watch’ in
2011 and from what we’ve been told with the right game plan Kay Lee Ray
could very much be the person leaving The Delphi Club on Saturday April 9
having competed in the tournament finals with a Championship belt around
her waist.

The Fifth Match of the EVE Championship Tournament will see former regular
& still occasional tag team parters Britani Knight [WAW Gym] & Melodi [No
Gym Affiliation] come face to face. While the duo formally known as The
Norfolk Dolls could work as a unit against the other two Professionals in
the contest only one woman can win and advance in the tournament and
therefore the duo will at some point have to put their friendship aside
and compete against each other in order to win.

The third woman in the contest is ‘The Female Fight Machine’ Jenny Sjodin
[European Empire]. The Grappling Gold Medallist is regarded among those in
the business as one of the favourites to win the tournament. The Swedish
Submission Specialist is considered a strong betting favourite for going
all the way and winning the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship after an
impressive 2010 winning numerous medals around the world in Ground
Grappling and showing a fierce killer instinct in the Pro-Wrestling:EVE
rings. By aligning herself with Jetta’s European Empire Sjodin has pushed
herself even further into the spotlight and wrestling experts are
predicting that 2011 will be the year of ‘The Female Fight Machine’.

The 4th participant in this contest is being kept a closely guarded
secret. It is to the understanding of that EVE
Management were forced to include this person (much against their wishes)
due to legal proceedings. We are unsure of why this is the case but have
been told that it will remain a secret from all wrestling press and even
those on the Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster until the night itself. This gives
the 4th participant quite the advantage as this individual already knows
who they’re competing against where as everyone else will have to adapt on
the night.

The sixth First Round match as stated above will be a ‘Last Chance Battle
Royal’. This will feature the losers of the previous five First Round
matches compete against one another in an over the top rope battle royal
where the winner will be thrust back into the tournament albeit now having
competed in TWO matches. EVE Management decided that while some may deem
it unfair that they will have competed twice to get into the
Quarter-Finals the mere fact that this gives them a second opportunity to
win the EVE Championship in addition to the fact that their opponent would
have had less time to prepare easily balances that out. EVE Management put
this motion forward to all talent first and it should be noted that this
was agreed by all those competing with not one objection.

Next week we’ll be announcing the final match (tournament matches #2) in
the first round of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament that will
take place on Friday April 8 at The Royal British Legion in Norwich.


Find out why everybody is now talking about the female wrestlers of Europe
with Pro-Wrestling:EVE ‘Empire Strikes Back – Final Chapter’ DVD!


10 women were chosen at random by EVE Management to have the opportunity
to earn a ‘buy’ into the semi-finals of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament on Saturday April 9 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk.
However in order to earn that ‘buy’ 1 woman would have to outlast 9 others
in this EVE Original Match – the ‘3 Minute Warning’.

The Rules:
A random drawing is held backstage before the contest that will determine
the order of entrance for the participants.

Eliminations occur in the contest by Pinfall or Submission only.

The EVE Professionals who drew the numbers 1 & 2 will start the contest.

Should 3 minutes pass without an elimination the EVE Professional who drew
number 3 will then enter the ring.

However, should an elimination occur before the 3 minutes have expired the
EVE Professional who drew the following number would then enter the ring,
the clock is then reset and the 3 minute period begins again.

This continues until all 10 EVE Professionals have entered the match at
which point there is no time limit and the match continues until there is
just one EVE Professional remaining as the winner!

The winner will then receive a ‘Buy’ into the Semi-Finals of the
Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament to take place on Saturday April
8, 2011 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk!

The Participants:
Britani Knight
Saraya Knight
‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna
‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm
Carmel Jacob
Sara-Marie Taylor
Rhia O’Rielly
Becky James
Jane Beatrix Dunn
A Mystery EVE Professional

Also on ‘Empire Strikes Back – The Final Chapter’:

The German Giant known as The Alpha Female has her toughest challenge to
date as she finds herself giving up the weight advantage and up against
multiple promotion women’s champion Destiny!

In an EVE Potentials match Em Jay goes one on one with Sammy Hope. Both
girls are looking to impress and gain a victory here in the hope of
obtaining a spot on the main Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster!

Speaking of EVE Potentials we have highlights from the very first EVE
Potentials event featuring footage of Britani Knight vs Janey B, plus Rhia
O’Rielly, Alice Liberty, Italy’s Maya & more!

Plus – The Rematch! The fans asked for it and we gave it to them, the
rematch from the very first Pro-Wrestling:EVE DVD ‘A New Hope’, the
incredibly hard hitting Catch Division contest between ‘Professional
Facebreaker’ April ‘The Lancashire Terrier’ Davids & ‘The Female Fight
Machine’ Jenny Sjodin!

Words can not do their first encounter justice and the second not only
lived up to but surpassed fan expectations so don’t delay – make sure you
check out this hard-hitting contest NOW!

Also on this DVD is Part Two of ‘At Home With The Knights’. EVE announcer
Fred Emerson visited the home of The Knights to talk to Saraya and Britani
about their careers in the wrestling business in addition to the history
and evolution of female wrestling in the UK as they saw it happening.

Where as Part One heavily focussed on Saraya Knight Part Two focusses on
18 year old Britani!

Find out how Britani’s first professional match came about at the tender
age of just 13!

Being in the comfort of their own living room meant that Saraya &
Britani’s mother & daughter relationship is shown as it really is as the
two ‘bicker’ back and forth in comical fashion disagreeing with one
another on a number of issues!

Britani also discusses her favourite matches, her career goals and also
has a word for her mother as it relates to her long standing feud with one
of her best friends – ‘Coventry’s Loudest’ Jetta who in turn has words of
her own for her ‘retired’ rival!

In addition we also have a special audio interview with Scotland’s Nikki
Storm that was recorded by Stew Allen & Lee Burton of The Women Of
Wrestling pod-cast following her début evening of competition in

Hear everything ‘The Dynamite Princess’ has to say on how the evening went
for her, her career path leading up to EVE and her candid opinions on
fellow EVE Professionals!

EVE Reporter Chloe Dale handles pre-fight interviews and a bonus photo
gallery rounds off the special features of Pro-Wrestling:EVE’s ‘Empire
Strikes Back – Final Chapter’ DVD!

This DVD is available to buy NOW at just £9.99 and comes with FREE
worldwide shipping and handling for a limited time only.

Don’t delay and don’t miss out – let Fred Emerson & ‘The Voice Of Reason’
Angus McManus guide you through the action of Europe’s only all female
professional wrestling promotion and show your support by ordering now
direct from Pro-Wrestling:EVE at

Next Pro-Wrestling:EVE Training Weekend Announced!

Europe’s only dedicated all female professional wrestling promotion
Pro-Wrestling:EVE presents a FEMALE ONLY professional wrestling training
camp to take place on the weekend of May 21/22 in Norwich, England.

The camp will be taken by legendary professional wrestling group WAW
lead by 26 year veteran “Rowdy” Ricky Knight and his wife & 19 year
Professional Saraya Knight.

“Rowdy” Ricky Knight has wrestled all over the world both with and against
some of the biggest & best stars to ever grace a wrestling ring from
Dynamite Kid & Jushin “Thunder” Liger to Giant Haystacks & Finlay and
everyone in between – The Rowdy Man has nothing left to prove to anyone
and is a fountain of knowledge that every aspiring wrestler be they male
or female should desire to train with.

19 year Professional “Sweet” Saraya Knight is regarded as perhaps the best
female professional wrestler in all of Europe and much like her husband
“Rowdy” Ricky Knight has also appeared on events both with and against
some of the best female wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle
including the highly regarded Japanese female wrestling star Mariko
Yoshida. Saraya Knight is also the mother to 18 year old Britani Knight
who WWE have recently been touting and the Mother & Daughter duo are set
to début in the US this coming March for SHIMMER.

In addition to “Rowdy” Ricky Knight and “Sweet” Saraya Knight also in
attendance will be Pro-Wrestling:EVE Producer Dann Read who since 2006 has
lead a resurgence of interest in the promotion and interest of female
professional wrestling throughout Europe. Dann will be on hand to monitor
progression of students as well as offering advice and information from a
female wrestling promoters point of view and what they’re after and
require of the talent. High standard students that impress throughout the
weekend may be rewarded with the opportunity to work for


The camp is open to all levels of experience be they first timers or 10
year pros.

The camp will take place at the Breckland Community Centre in Cosstessey,
Norwich from 10am – 5.30pm on Saturday May 21st and from 10am –
4.30pm on Sunday the 22nd May.

An evening Academy showcase will take place following the camp on Sunday
where selected students will be offered the chance to work in front of a
live crowd with EVE Professionals such as Saraya & Britani Knight among
others. This is of course at the discretion of the individuals themselves
and is entirely voluntary upon selection.

Overnight accommodation is kindly provided by WAW at a small additional
cost (please phone the telephone number provided at the end of this email
should you require details on this) although you are of course welcome to
arrange your own overnight accommodation at your own expense. If
travelling from London via train head to London Liverpool Street where you
can catch a train to Norwich. From there we suggest a taxi to your
destination (which will be
about £6).

Minimum age for training is 14 with written consent from parent / parental
guardian required for those under 16.

The cost of the Training Weekend is just £50 and is payable on the first
day of training.

To book your place please email [email protected] or should you have
any further questions and wish to speak to the fantastic trainers at WAW
themselves please call 0800 046 8164 (free to call in the UK) or email
[email protected]

You can keep up to date with Pro-Wrestling:EVE at ; and on Twitter @ProWrestlingEVE

Pro-Wrestling:EVE can be contacted by e-mail on [email protected] or
by calling 07707 087100

Women’s Wrestling E-Zine ‘RespecT’ showcases Pro-Wrestling:EVE in new issue!

Fast growing online E-Zine ‘Respect’ dedicated much of their new issue to
Pro-Wrestling:EVE featuring interviews with ‘Professional Face Breaker’
April Davids and The Glamour Gym’s Sara-Marie Taylor plus a special
editorial from ‘The Fightin’ Irish’ Rhia O’Reilly. This is in addition to
news, interviews and features on women’s professional wrestling from all
around the globe so make sure you head on over now to have a read at!


Make sure you keep an eye on Pro-Wrestling:EVE’s YouTube account
( as we’ll be releasing some short
videos of some of the EVE Professionals talking candidly about the
upcoming Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship Tournament!


Europe’s only dedicated all female professional wrestling promotion
Pro-Wrestling:EVE returns on Friday April 8 at The Royal British Legion in
Norwich, Norfolk and on Saturday April 9 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury,

The two days will feature a tournament to crown the first
Pro-Wrestling:EVE champion! Night One (April 8, Norwich) will feature the
First Round and Quarter Finals while Night Two (April 9, Sudbury) will
feature the Semi-Finals and Championship Final! Tickets are available for
both dates (Friday April 8 at The British Legion in Norwich, Norfolk and
Saturday April 9 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk) at however we’re very short on Ringside seats on both

Remember at Pro-Wrestling:EVE shows KIDS GO FREE* Tickets (same price
applies each night): Ringside seats are £20, Adults Standard Admission is
only £10 and includes FREE entry for one under 16 year old if required! A
Family of up to Four (maximum 2 adults) is just £18; NUS Card Holders /
OAP / (additional) Under 16 Tickets are just £5!

In addition to Pro-Wrestling:EVE merchandise we will also have SHIMMER:
Women Athletes & nCw Femmes Fatales DVDs on sale over the weekend!

In the next update we’ll be announcing the four participants in the final
first round 4 Corners match of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship
Tournament; we’ll be taking a look back at the previous Pro-Wrestling:EVE
events and cover the rivalries that emerged throughout the DVD taping’s
and have a great competition for everyone to take part in!

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