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Pro-Wrestling: EVE Taping Results (October 16th, 2010)

Pro-Wrestling: EVE returns tonight in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK with another DVD taping. Diva Dirt’s Women of Wrestling Podcast co-host Stew Allen is on hand and will be sending us live results.

Stew Allen reporting…

We’re in and ringside. Set up has been upgraded. Lighting rig, entrance way, double screens, custom ring skirt & turnbuckle pads. Looks good.

1. Britani Knight def. Shanna with a variation on Sara Del Rey‘s Royal Butterfly for the pin. Tremendous opening match.

2. Jenny Sjodin & April Davids vs Amazon & Destiny went to a wild double DQ in about a minute. Just a brawl. Referee Chris Roberts threw it out and they needed over half a dozen guys to pull everybody apart.

3. Alpha Female def. Janey B (subbing for the absent Melanie Price). Fellow Glamour Gym members Carmel Jacob & Sara-Marie Taylor beat up the fallen Janey post match.

4. The Glamour Gym (Sara-Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob) def. Team Storm (Becky James & Rhia O’Reilly) when Sara used a leg-hook DDT on Becky. Good tag match with Rhia taking a prolonged beating at the hands of the newly serious Glamour Gym.

Dann Read has made a reference to “three pull-outs,” which I can exclusively reveal are Jemma Palmer, Lisa Fury & Erin Angel, all for various reasons.

5. Saraya Knight def. Nikki Storm via powerbomb in an absolute star making performance by Storm. An excellent contest, and the two embraced post match. A moment.

Jetta came out and cut a babyface promo explaining that she was there to offer support and advice to the next generation. Incredibly for wrestling, NOBODY interrupted her.

6. Jenny Sjodin def. April Davids in R3 of a Catch Division rematch. Sjodin used rolling German Suplexes and a shoulder-lock submission for the win.

They’ve announced a double day taping next April in Norwich & Sudbury.

7. In an EVE “Potentials” match, Sammi Hope def MJ. They were fighting to hopefully gain a place on the EVE roster. A typical trainee match.

8. Alpha Female powerslammed and pinned Destiny. The Glamour Gym distracted Alpha, allowing Destiny to get some offence in, but AF came back, Goldberg style for the swift victory.

9. Main event is the Three Minute Warning match.

Starts with Nikki Storm and Rhia O’Reilly.
Becky James in.
Rhia eliminated by Storm with a sunset flip.
Becky eliminated by Storm with an Oklahoma Roll.
Carmel Jacob in.
“Super Janey B” in.
Super Janey eliminated by Carmel with a schoolgirl.
Britani Knight in.
Shanna in.
Saraya Knight in.
Sara-Marie Taylor in.
Carmel eliminated by Storm with a tornado DDT.
JETTA(!) in.
Britani out eliminated by Shanna via a single leg crab submission.
Jetta still hasn’t actually gotten in the ring yet.
Shanna eliminated by Saraya with a sidewalk slam.
Sara eliminated by Saraya via a suplex. Saraya is in full demon ass-kicking mode now.
Nikki Storm eliminated by Saraya via a fisherman suplex.
That means that the last two are Saraya & Jetta. Before they could touch, April Davids & Jenny Sjodin came out, and Shanna got back in the ring. Jetta then orchestrated a beatdown on Saraya. Even Nikki Storm got involved. Jetta then pinned the decimated Saraya to win and get a bye into the semi finals of the title tournament in April.

It transpires that April, Jenny, Nikki & Shanna are now part of a unit under Jetta’s direction called The European Empire. A fantastic ending setting up future tapings. More on the implications of this later. Show is now over.

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