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Race to the Double Championship: Week Two


The WWE certainly shook things up when they drafted Melina and Maryse to opposite brands – with them went their respective championships. Thus, a new record suddenly looms, and the race is on: who will be the WWE’s first ever double champion? We’ve taken possible candidates (former Womens Champions and Divas Champions) and calculated their odds, ordering them in rank of most likely to least likely. Over the following weeks we’ll be updating this chart, taking into account wins, losses, and budding feuds. Place your bets folks because it’s happening, and it’s happening soon.

Michelle McCool
SmackDown/Women’s Championship
Mickie James
Raw/Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix
Raw/Divas Championship
Gail Kim
SmackDown/Divas Championship
Candice Michelle
SmackDown/Divas Championship

Given the Odds… Beth has slipped from #1 to #3, all thanks to a little “lady” named Santina. Her humiliation at Backlash and the events on Raw tell us that she may be tangled in the cross-dressing storyline for some time now. Beth is largely a comedy character at this point, and doesn’t look to be too strong of a contender for Maryse’s belt.

Candice in still on the disabled list, and thus hasn’t moved in the rankings, still settled at #5.

Gail blew her shot at the Divas Championship last week on SmackDown, and with the brands now officially separated, it looks like she let her best opportunity slip through her fingers. She’s still next to last at #4.

Michelle with others losing steam, Michelle stays steady and prepares for Melina’s official SmackDown debut. A feud looks likely, and with that a Women’s Championship shot looms on the horizon, making her our best bet. She tops the list at #1.

Mickie She’s still in the background somewhat, but with Beth busy playing dress-up with Santino, a great opportunity has opened up. It would make perfect sense for Maryse to battle with Mickie, Raw’s top face, and a feud is made even more likely with Beth’s preoccupation. Not much else stands in Mickie’s way, and she stays at #2.

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