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Raw Predictions: Gail Kim vs Maryse for the Divas Championship

The Divas Championship tournament comes to an end tonight when Gail Kim and Maryse battle it out for the gold silver in the finals. Who will be the new Divas Champion? Will Gail Kim make history and complete the trifecta of singles gold in WWE and TNA? Will Maryse make history by becoming the first multi-time Divas Champ? The Diva Dirt writers weigh in with their predictions:

Cryssi: Are predictions really needed for this? It’s been set in stone since Maryse needed surgery that when she returned her precious butterfly belt will be waiting on her. We already know she was supposed to go over Melina. We already know this tournament is just a pointless way of giving her the title back without it being to obvious. She’s the only Diva on Raw who gets mic time. She has random little bits and pieces with the Miz (who for some reason the WWE thinks is better than John Morrison). Maryse is the WWE’s ‘it’ girl and there is nothing any of us can do about it. That said… I’m picking Gail Kim to win the Diva’s Championship. Why the hell not?

Erin: I feel like it’s been obvious from the start that this has been Maryse’s tournament to lose. Meaning, it’s been all about her from the get-go (if placing her in the forefront of the tournament by putting her on commentary and giving her mic time when no other Divas receives the same didn’t make it obvious) and the only twist the tournament could have had is if someone shockingly managed to defeat her. I didn’t see that happening, and it didn’t. Pitting her against Gail was another obvious move, but it’s not because I feel that the WWE is jonesing to put the Divas Championship on Gail–it’s because she was the default top babyface in Melina’s stead and thus is the one destined to be the last one to fall to Maryse. Still, maybe she can have a title feud with Maryse as a consolation prize. But the point is that tonight, Maryse will win the Divas Championship. It was destined to happen back before Melina got injured, and Maryse’s victory tonight will fulfill that destiny.

Melanie: First let me just say, Cryssi I love your style haha! Anyway, WWE has made no effort in masking the chances of both of these Divas. Let us compare: Gail’s qualifying match was on WWE Superstars, Maryse is guaranteed a spot on Raw every week. After Gail and Maryse had advanced and there were just two spots to be filled, Gail was nowhere to be seen during the Alicia-Kelly match but Maryse was ever-so prominent in the Eve-Katie match. Last week in the semis, Maryse got a better spot with more time and got to cut a promo before her match. Gail didn’t get an entrance and her victory celebration was cut short for a segment between Alicia Fox and Dule Hill. We know WWE always has their favourites so it’s not Maryse’s fault, but if you’re going to have a tournament at least freakin’ try and mask that the girls all have equal opportunity. There’s nothing to suggest Gail will win tonight. Maryse is the hot act right now and she has it in the bag.

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