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Raw Redux (December 3rd, 2012): Tamina Snuka Versus AJ Lee… Round One!

As the AJ/Cena train rolls on (and Cena UNFAIRLY gets a chance to take Prince Dawlf’s Money in the Bank briefcase), we found ourselves with a nice little wrestling match this week. AJ Lee stepped inside the ring, a place where she absolutely shines, and faced Tamina Snuka. As you can expect this match was filled with a LOT of power moves on Tamina’s part and a lot of fight from AJ. Overall, I thought it came off good. Lets take a look and break it down, shall we?

We kick things off with the hot referee I wanted to flirt with in Miami (but Bobby wouldn’t balls up and walk over to him with me) calling for the bell. The fearless AJ goes for Tamina not once, but twice and gets a couple of licks in on the powerful Diva each time. Tamina shoves our geek goddess to the ground both times, but AJ decides that perhaps the third time will be the charm for her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way and Tamina finally powers her pint-sized opponent into the corner. Hot referee makes Tamina back away from inflicting further damage, and that gives AJ ample opportunity to recover enough to get her feet up when Tamina comes charging back at her. Wanting to capitalize, AJ scampers up the ropes but before she’s able to leap off, Tamina takes her down with a nice little arm-drag.

Tamina starts to show her authority at this point. She stomps and kicks our precious AJ, before slamming her head into the mat and going for a cover. Of course, my description is probably a bit out of sequence but I’m also updating my Amazon Wishlist as we speak. The point is, AJ kicks out because it’s going to take a lot more than that to make her lose. So naturally, Tamina picks up her opponent and just throws her face first into the turnbuckle. To follow it up, she seats AJ on the top and clubs her viciously in the back a few times. Then, I think she tries to break AJ in half – literally. That’s a pretty painful looking submission.

And people say wrestling is fake. Puh-leeze!

AJ eventually gets dumped to the ground but believe it or not, she still has some fight left in her. She is able to lay a few kicks into Tamina, but she goes for one to many. While coming at Tamina from the ropes, the gorgeous Amazon is able to once again knock AJ off her feet. AJ folds up like an accordian for no other reason than the fact she’s competing with Prince Dawlf for the “Best Seller” Slammy Award, and Tamina lumbers over her prey like a hungry mountain lion. She decides to go for the cover once again, but AJ kicks out. What spirit! Tamina has to go back to her bully tactics now.

She throws AJ chest-first into the corner a couple of times before nailing her with this ridiculous looking headbutt. Whoa! AJ basically goes down like a frail Robin Van Persie during a tense Manchester United game. What a joke. Tamina seems fine with this because after all, the match is going in her favor. She seemingly has this one all wrapped up. It’s time to finish the job. Grabbing AJ by the arm and hair, she positions her just so and looks towards the corner. Oh yeah! Superfly Splash! That’s what’s up! Go Tamina… it’s your birthday. Hey, hey, hey…


AJ with the roll-up victory.

And naturally, AJ gets the heck out of there. I must say, Tamina needs to work on her angry surprised face just a bit more. Oh well. Nothing can ever be perfect, but I did enjoy this a lot. It went how it was supposed too, and the right person ended up with the victory. I hope we see a lot more matches from these two, but Tamina definitely needs to win the next few so AJ can get it in her head that her first win was a fluke. I think this is a nice side feud, and both ladies can benefit. Tamina will only get over by working with AJ, and AJ (even though we know how good she is) has to prove herself as a wrestler for storyline purposes. There’s so much potential here and I hope it doesn’t get messed up. My fingers a crossed for a lengthy program between these two. It’s needed and will be brilliant if executed right. God knows both AJ and Tamina have the talent for it.

Until next time… Cryssi out!

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