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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (April 21st, 2011): Clash of the Canadians

Last night’s WWE Superstars saw a first (I think, don’t quote me!) as Maryse and Natalya did battle for the first time in singles action. It was a clash of the Canadians as the two former Divas Champs represented Montreal and Calgary respectively.

Watch below:

No play by play… let’s just get into the meaty bit, okay? That was kind of a shocker, no? I didn’t expect to see Maryse pick up the win over Natalya. It feels like forever since we’ve seen Maryse in a singles match and honestly, I can’t recall the last time we saw her in one. This is probably the longest singles match I’ve seen her in in well over a year, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. It seems Maryse is still hitting her regular moves without any progression as a wrestler.

Can’t say this match did much for me, I’m afraid, but I did like the DDT on Nattie.

Your thoughts?

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