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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (April 29th, 2010): Jillians Eats Defeat

Veteran Divas, Gail Kim and Jillian faced off on WWE Superstars this week. It’s almost as if they were given this rare singles match during Draft week to appease the fact that neither of them was moved over to the brand where, you know, they could actually wrestle and develop their characters. Damn shame. Anyhow, check out the bout below:

We start with a lock-up before Gail applies an armbar but is soon slammed down to the mat by her hair. Jillian then goes for a somersault into a leg drop but misses as Gail moves out of the way. Gail now returns the favour, slamming Jillian down to the mat by her hair. She follows through with an arm drag and forearm before irish whipping Jillian into the corner and going for her crossbody dive through the ropes, however Jillian counters by putting up her knees. Jillian goes up top but is met by Gail Kim who fights her way up also and hits a beautiful hurricanrana on Jillian.

Kim begins gaining some momentum and jumps onto Jillian’s shoulders but is planted onto the canvas with an electric chair drop. Jillian goes for a cover but no three count. Jillian begins working over Gail with some kicks and a powerslam before taking time to pose for the crowd — she gets a pretty great crowd reaction for that. Jillian now mounts Gail with some punches, goes for a cover but again, Gail kicks out. Jillian then applies a submission move from behind, digging her knee into Gail’s back but Kim begins fighting back and is soon on her feet — she hits Jillian with a kick and forearm, then goes to pick up Jillian but her back begins bother her allowing Jillian to take control. Jillian plants Gail with a Samoan drop now. Another pin attempt but no win for Jillian.

Jillian again applies a submission move, driving her knee into Gail’s back. The referee breaks up the hold and Gail tries to fight back but isn’t strong enough. Jillian whips her into the corner and Gail takes a pretty nice bump, falling to the canvas.

After a couple of pin attempts, Jillian applies a headlock as Gail tries to regain momentum with the crowd firmly behind her. She hits Jillian with a few elbows in the stomach but is slammed down to the mat again. Jillian whips Kim into the ropes, Gail however manages to hold onto the top rope and Jillian runs at her only to get a kick from Gail. Jillian then picks up Gail again, possible for another Samoan drop but Gail holds onto the ropes tightly, not allowing herself to be hit with another move. Gail manages to wrap her legs around Jillian’s head for a beautiful headscissors. The two Divas now exchange some nice forearms before Gail hits a couple of clotheslines on Jillian and whips her into the corner for a splash. Gail then runs at Jillian in the corner, who moves out of the way, instead Gail manages to jump onto the middle turnbuckle and hits a nice crossbody on her opponent. However, Jillian then rolls through and attempts to pin Gail who kicks out.

Jillian drives Gail into the turnbuckles, front first and kicks her across the back now. Jillian now hits a great handspring elbow to Gail in the corner. Jillian now goes for a shoulder block but Gail moves out of the way as Jillian eats the ring post. As a dazed Jillian turns around she is hit by Gail’s Eat Defeat for the win.

This was a good match with plenty of time that allowed Gail and Jillian to have some much needed TV exposure. It’s such a shame that neither of these Divas were moved to SmackDown to compete for the Women’s Championship. I don’t see either of them, unfortunately, doing much on Raw. It’s a shame to think that all this potential of Gail’s to be a top Diva has been wasted but right now, I don’t see her getting that push we want to see anytime soon.

However, I really wish the Raw Divas would get a permanent spot on WWE Superstars to have matches like this because there just isn’t enough time on Raw for these girls. Superstars isn’t really a ‘storyline’ show and I don’t see them doing the Eve vs Maryse feud on Superstars but really, it would give them so much more screen time to develop that program. If not the top Divas, at least give girls like Gail, Jillian and Alicia the time they deserve on this show.

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