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Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (October 22nd, 2009)

This week on Superstars, Raw girls Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly are set to have a friendly match–or so I think. Watch below and see if these two babyfaces play nice:

Gail takes early control in the tie-up, taking Kelly to the mat. She keeps her down in a headlock position, which Kelly flips into an unsuccessful pin attempt. Gail reverses back to the headlock position, but Kelly soon snaps Gail into a headscissors. Gail quickly snaps up to her feet, but Kelly sweeps her, going for a pin but only getting 2. Gail gets up and does the same thing, also getting a 2-count. These girls are showing some great speed early on..

They slow down a bit, catch their breath, and slap hands. Guess this will be a friendly match after all.. They start with another tie-up, Gail getting control once again with a side headlock. With a few punches to the midsection, Kelly gets free and shoves Gail into the ropes. On the return, Gail knocks Kelly to the mat. Another pin, another 2-count.

Gail pulls Kelly to her feet, twisting her arm into an arm wrench. Kelly backs into the ropes and uses them for momentum, flipping backwards and using the momentum to take Gail down with an arm drag. Kelly charges towards Gail in the corner but Gail slips out of the ring, hopping back over the ropes and taking Kelly into a schoolboy pin. Kelly kicks out, and Gail pulls her up, irish-whipping her into the corner. Kelly hops backwards over a charging Gail, doing a back tuck for good measure. She armdrags Gail, who then backs into the corner. Kelly peps up the crowd, climbing the turnbuckle for a monkey flip. Gail, however, hangs onto the ropes, sending Kelly to the mat back-first. Gail bridges into a pin for a 2-count.

Gail gets Kelly into a sleeper hold. She holds it for some times before Kelly turns over, trying to get free. Gail hangs on, flipping it back to its regular position. Gail keeps the hold tight as Kelly flails, finally getting to her feet. The hold still entact, Kelly blindly backs Gail into the corner, freeing herself. As Kelly tries to recover, Gail takes back control, shoving her into the corner and hoisting her to the top rope. She attempts a Frankensteiner but Kelly holds on, and Gail hits the mat like a ton of bricks. She slowly gets to her feet while Kelly steadies herself on the top turnbuckle, grabbing Gail and positioning herself on her shoulders. Gail takes a few steps forward and Kelly rolls through for a 2-count.

Both go for a clothesline and take each other out. They slowly get to their feet, trading blows until Kelly gets momentum, taking Gail down with two clotheslines and then ducking one, bouncing off the ropes and wrapping Gail in a twilt-a-whirl headscissors. Both get to their feet again and Kelly attempts a schoolboy pin. Gail kicks out, and when Kelly goes to grab her, she sends her into corner. Gail attempts a charging attack but Kelly moves out of the way. Gail telegraphs this and jumps onto the turnbuckle, leaping for a body splash but eating mat instead. Gail slowly shows movement as Kelly readies for the attack, hitting her with the Kelly Killing. 1, 2, 3.

Kelly celebrates and, showing good sportsmanship, brings Gail to her feet. Gail sells the damage well, still doubled over as the two hug.

This match showed some great chemistry between Gail and Kelly, as the two traded blows pretty evenly and worked a an exciting, fast-paced match. Kelly’s still pretty spot-focused, but when working against an opponent as quick on her feet as Gail, it’s kind of masked. It’s a shame that Gail’s a babyface, because these two could put on a great series of matches together, and I don’t see the WWE pushing a double babyface feud.

Overall, it wasn’t much of a buildup for Bragging Rights. I mean, teammates facing off? Kind of counter-productive.. Still, it was an entertaining match, even if it has no real bearing on placement or position. That’s probably a good thing, though, because Gail’s pretty low on the totem pole as it is, and I’d love for her to get back towards the top sometime soon. Needless to say, losing to Kelly wouldn’t help matters. But with Raw’s sudden influx of babyfaces, do you think Gail could make the switch to heel? It’s been done before, to unfavorable results, but perhaps this time she could benefit from a change of pace. God knows playing “generic babyface duo” with Kelly isn’t doing wonders for her. That’s not to insult Kelly, though–every brand needs that peppy babyface for the fans to get behind–I just don’t think Gail needs to be a generic duplicate of that.

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