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Raw Redux (February 17th, 2014): No Match, but More Than Enough Matchmaking

I beg your pardon for taking my time on delivering a worthy Redux, and you’re probably going to keep waiting for one because the Olympic Ice Dance competition is what is on my mind tonight. That being said, it’s only fitting that the two WWE dancing queens, Summer Rae and Emma, are the ones showcased on Raw tonight. Summer is slaying as usual in what’s probably my favorite dance costume ever, and we’re lucky enough to be treated to an Emma/NXT highlight package.

Like we expect, the ladies steal the show during this match. If looks could kill, Emma would be dead thanks to the glares that Summer shot her during this match. When Summer tries to get involved in the match, Emma takes charge and scoops up Summer for a sick little airplane spin toss. Summer gets planted right on her face and Emma is obviously dizzy herself. For some unfortunate reason, Santino steps up and steps in to help Emma stead herself. This leads to an awkward bit of flirting between the two and ends up costing Santino the match.


That almost kiss was just wretched! I’m all for a little bit of romance with my wrasslin’ but Emma! Why you gotta go and pick Santino?!

Womp. Womp.

On a historic night that saw Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White become the first ever American Olympic ice dance champions, Summer Rae and Emma took another step towards an inevitable match between the both of them. Who knows what will lie ahead for Emma and Santino in terms of their romance, but one thing is for sure – Summer Rae does not like Emma. And Emma definitely isn’t going away.

Match please.

Until next time… Namaste!

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