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Raw Redux (February 3rd, 2014): The Emmalution Has Begun

Two significant things happened last night on Raw. The first was perhaps the official debut of everyone’s favorite Australian Diva, the gorgeous and talented Emma. The second was a pretty freak injury that Naomi suffered that could hinder her chances of taking on AJ Lee for the Divas Championship.

What’s sad about this is that the match wasn’t bad up until the blatant knee to Naomi’s eye socket. Aksana isn’t that bad but she’s so sloppy when it counts that I simply can’t give her any credit. How do you accidentally cause an injury like that when you were in a position of control? I’m just not understanding. I’m just glad that Naomi seems to be okay and in good spirits about the whole thing.

Alicia Fox and Cameron were at ringside with their respective partners and AJ and Tamina Snuka were at the commentary table. Usually I tune out commentary but AJ was pretty brilliant this go around. She was witty and funny, and didn’t come off as trying to hard. She’s really good when she scales back a bit with her character and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her.

Not sure how long Naomi is going to be out of action but judging by her tweets and whatnot she still sees herself as AJ’s top challenger. She’s definitely a worthy one but the question now is when will these two ladies step inside that ring?

After weeks of teasing, we finally got to see Emma and Summer Rae go at it – albeit not wrestling wise. But regardless yay Emma!!

You know there have been even more random debuts in history so I’m not even gonna go there. All that matters to me is that Emma is finally on the main roster. I’m so happy and proud of the women behind the character and everything that led up to this point. The fact the crowd was behind her is just icing on the cake. I hope Summer and Emma wrestle next.

That’s it folks. Enjoy your week and I’ll see you on the flip side. Namaste.

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