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Raw Redux (January 27th, 2014): Naomi Still Has AJ’s Number

There were a lot of salty people left hurt by the Royal Rumble and for once it wasn’t for the lack of Divas. I don’t usually praise the fact that Divas were left off a major card, but boy am I glad they didn’t get lost in the ugly shuffle of Sunday night’s travesty. I’m a very positive person and I don’t usually speak so negatively (or I try not too), but I may or may not have cried myself to sleep knowing I spent my hard earned shopping money on WrestleMania tickets.

But anyway, that being said, the show must go on and thus we have the Authority kicking off Raw. Our goddess, Stephanie McMahon and her husband, Triple H, are out to a mixed reaction with smirks etched across their faces. They point to the WrestleMania sign and we all know what time of year it is. My dead bank account is currently haunting me from its grave thanks to those damn tickets.

Both Stephanie and Trips have their troll hats on tonight and they give it to the crowd pretty good. It’s kind of annoying, but as a fan (and I use that term loosely these days), we’ve unfortunately come to expect this sort of thing. Mercifully, the male half of our beloved Total Divas supercouple, Braniel, interrupts.

There’s nothing really outstanding about this exchange other than the three people doing what they do best. Daniel Bryan is so over and his reactions give me goosebumps. As a performer that’s the type of thing you live for, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine the type of rush that comes from that sort of thing. I have trouble looking my two co-workers in the eyes when I’m trying to speak at an office meeting. Seriously. Eventually, the Shield interrupts and our blessed Seth Rollins (patron saint, Saint Tyler) has a major faux pas. He totally eats it and it made me giggle. I can only assume he’s upset their neither Bobby nor I won our own Royal Rumble number game last night.

Stephanie leaves the ring, and hijinks ensue. My precious Sheamus comes to D-Bry’s aid, as does Bella boyfriend #2, one-half of the dysfunctional yet sexy supercouple, Nena, John Cena. They end up standing tall to end the opening of Raw.

I’m used to Stephanie kicking off Raw at this point and what I’m noticing is that being drugged on medication is making me write more creatively than I have in weeks when I was making all of you slam me in the comments and with more vigor. And who doesn’t want to write with more vigor??

One thing that I can praise without breaking much of a sweat is any type of Summer Rae appearance. Fandango‘s stay in the Rumble was much to short and screw the WWE for having him eliminated in such a stupid way. The King and Queen of Glitter and Sequins deserve treatment far better than what they’ve been getting, and they provide us with our second bit of Divaness tonight.

Summer Rae makes me jealous. The newest member of the Total Divas cast alway slays when she rocks her neon colored costumes, but the bedroom-wall lime green she is wearing tonight is by far my favorite. It’s so sad that R-Truth is part of this and not even Emma appearing softens that blow. The good thing is that Summer Rae seemed really peeved by her appearance. I really want them to feud and it seems like it could be leading that way! Heck yes.

New Divas give me life and I love Emma anyway. I’m kind of hoping we get a Lana debut soon with Alexander Rusev appearing in the aforementioned Rumble.

Thus far, that highly anticipated debut has not happened, but a multi-Diva tag team match was announced. Naomi, Cameron, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella take on the team of AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Aksana and Alicia Fox. And good grief, I want to scream every time Aksana does that stupid “sexy” crawl.

It really disheartens me to see the girls working so hard to get a reaction and the crowd not give in. It’s really unsettling when the match is actually on point. I loved this tag match and I don’t usually get to say that when it comes to these hot mess tags. I truly enjoyed the amount of tags and the fact that everyone got in on the action. Nikki is getting very good at selling and Alicia’s backbreaker looked absolutely devastating.

They seem to be sticking with Naomi and AJ so should I assume we will get their match come the Elimination Chamber?

I won’t hate it, if that’s the case, but it makes me kind of curious to see if there are plans for the girls at WrestleMania. In terms of the WWE year, the Divas have risen and you can’t really overlook them. They usually get shafted come the big show, but perhaps this year there will finally be a major moment. I just hope it isn’t for a Tamina/AJ match or something insane like that. But, at the same time, I don’t want some big tag match. I’m torn.

What I do know is that every time Tamina throws that stupid leather jacket, some high power kills a precious baby kitten, and I’m not okay with that.

I am okay with a pretty solid edition of Raw. Granted, there wasn’t much for it to follow but it went above and beyond, and kudos to all the ladies in the tag match. I truly enjoyed it and it’s not even the meds talking. Even though the meds are making me incredibly sleepy at this point.

Until next time…

Namaste! ;-)

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