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Raw Redux (May 2nd, 2011): Kharma Comes to Raw

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, the newly drafted Kelly Kelly steps into the spotlight on her new home of Raw, facing off against the rarely seen Maryse. Can SmackDown’s former golden girl make a splash in her Raw debut or will Maryse take her to school? Check out the match below:

Out first is Maryse, and I must say she’s is looking fantastic! Really loving the white gear. Kelly makes her way out next, to pretty good reaction from the live crowd. Love her or hate her, you have to admit not many Divas can illicit a reaction from the crowd like Kelly can. After the usual pandering to the crowd, the referee signals for the bell and our Divas match in underway.

Maryse starts things off with some jaw-jacking and a pieface to Kelly Kelly, but Kelly comes back with a kick to the gut followed by a modified bulldog. Kelly continues by smashing Maryse’s face into the mat, but before she can continue her assault, she’s interrupted by the laugh that has haunted the Divas for the last few week. You guessed it. Kharma is making her way to the ring and she does not look happy at all.

As Kharma slowly makes her way to the ring, Kelly Kelly cowers into the corner, frozen in fear. (RUN! RUN KELLY!!! SHE GON’ KILL YOU, GIRL!!!) Kharma enters the ring and looks back and between Kelly Kelly, who still has not left the ring and Maryse, who still hasn’t recovered from Kelly’s attack. Just when you think Kharma is about to snap poor Kelly in two, she charges at Maryse and levels her with a Implant Buster. Kharma makes her way back up the ramp, leaving Maryse a crumpled heap and Kelly and emotional wreck.

As I said on the Post-Raw Show last night. I LOVED this match/segment. For once, WWE has done something right by keeping the former Awesome Kong‘s image more or less intact. This is what she does best: Destroying any and everyone in her path. Honestly, I would be happy seeing Kharma run through the entire Raw Divas’ lockerroom until she makes her way to Brie Bella, who is the current champion.

The only problem I had with the segment was the the fact Kharma let Kelly get away. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not because I want to see Kelly get beat up or anything. I think this scary, monster heel gimmick works best if you have no allies. Kharma needs to be seen as a threat to ALL the Divas, not just the faces. Hopefully, Kharma takes it to one of the babyfaces next week.

Also on Raw, Lilian Garcia returned to give a rousing performance of the national anthem:

All in all, the Divas segment was a bright spot in an otherwise dismal edition of Raw. If the events that took place on Extreme Rules and tonight’s Raw are any indication of what’s to come, all the heel Divas better looks out, because Kharma is a bitch, indeed.

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