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RAW Redux (November 7th, 2016): “I wanna know if you’ll be my girl!”

We’re 2 weeks away from seeing what many would argue could be the biggest fantasy warfare matches since the WWE’s 2016 brand extension. Last week, Team SmackDown Live (Do they need to keep calling it “SmackDown Live”? I think we get that it’s live now?”) announced their contenders for the Survivor Series elimination tag match, but the dust still hadn’t settled after the historic Hell in a Cell for Team RAW to give their reply.

Michael Cole takes to the centre of the ring to introduce the members of the RAW Women’s Team that will by flying the flag for the red brand at Survivor Series. Up first, The Captain and our three-time RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte.

As per usual, the ever so humble, The Queen tells the SmackDown ladies to “keep drinking the blue koolaid”, warning that she’s a born leader and no one will be taking that spotlight.

Second out, as confirmed last week as the second team member, is the biggest woman on the RAW roster, Nia Jax. However, things aren’t so happy as it should be as Jax is quick to bark at Charlotte saying, “You might be the leader, but I don’t work for you…”. Quickly trying to avoid a situation, Charlotte asks Cole to bring out the next team member, the most experienced woman of the roster, Alicia Fox.

Fresh faced and plucky, Fox comes out to the ring and is questioned about her previous problems with Nia Jax. She gives a weird reply referring to Brangelina and their breakup, which doesn’t land with the crowd and we’re swiftly introduced to our fourth team member… it’s Bayley!


The crowd proceed to chant this for the next 10 minutes, leaving poor Bayley unable to deliver her lines, despite clearly being touched by the loving crowd. She mentions that despite being classed as a ‘weak link’, she reminds Charlotte that they need to work together for them to win. Before Cole can introduce the fifth and final team member, Charlotte announces that this next woman has helped her to become a better Champion and a better person… Dana Brooke!

There’s a chorus of boos, while Bayley and Fox don’t look impressed. Dana makes her way to the ring, but Cole interjects one more time and reveals that the fifth member is… The Boss, Sasha Banks!

Once again the chants… which now start to sound like trolling to ruin the segment, Sasha and Charlotte pick up right where they left off with the verbal abuse. Charlotte claims that after Hell in a Cell, she’s proved that she’s the best and that Sasha is no longer a Boss… and tells Sasha to ask Nia who steps in to face off with her as we fade to a break.

Back from the break and we’ve now got a 6-woman tag team match with Alicia Fox, Bayley and Sasha Banks taking on the team of Nia Jax, Dana Brooke and Charlotte.

The start of the match sees Bayley and Alicia Fox unsuccessfully trying to take on Nia Jax. She even receives a baseball dropkick by three of the women and doesn’t even flinch! Before we cut to another break, Jax flattens Sasha literally by running into her and upon return from the break, the heels are in charge of the match.

That’s all until Sasha is finally able to make the hot tag to Bayley! Bayley hits all of her signature moves on Charlotte and looks to close in for a pinfall, but the match breaks down. Each of the women take turns chucking each other out of the ring, with Jax completely squashing Fox in the corner. Sasha goes for her double knees, but again it’s nothing to Jax who just seems pissed off… as she goes for Sasha, Charlotte accidentally hits Nia with a big boot! In the mix up, Bayley manages to catch Charlotte for the one… two… three! Taking the victory for her team and a pinfaill over the Champion, Bayley celebrates with the other faces, showing that there’s still loads of tension before this is classified as a ‘solid team’!

And again, we get another Emmalina/Emma promo… this has been like 6 weeks now, I’m thinking they don’t know what they’re doing here. The rosters are evidently stacked, she has a questionable gimmick, they’ve even run out of pictures for them to use in these promos… I just hope the WWE don’t mess up here.

Thoughts: Oh Glasgow, sure we know you love Bayley but you guys messed up what could have been a really good promo! Tension between all the ladies, Dana Brooke being teased as the last member, Sasha making her return… but all ruined because a loud crowd made it pretty much impossible for half of the women’s lines to be delivered.

I’m sure there was meant to be a lot more interaction between Sasha/Charlotte and Bayley/Charlotte, but I guess it was just wasn’t gonna happen with the crowd chanting so loud. It’s amazing to see Bayley (and Sasha) garner such a reaction, but I feel that so much more could have happened. Bless Charlotte for trying to gain control of the segment, but it just wasn’t going to happen!

It was also a bit weird to see Sasha Banks so smiley after another big loss in her hometown and losing her title so quickly. Sure she still received a nice pop from the crowd and I’m thrilled she’s on the team, but I wanted her to be more angry and vengeful. Slowly she’s losing her edge that made her cool in the beginning, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a twist in the water soon.

For me personally, while I do respect Alicia, it’s a damn shame that Paige isn’t in this match. Her original anti-Diva character, working in this team and being booked moderately strong would have been such a nice dynamic. I guess we can still dream on, I’m still very excited about this match. Definitely looking forward to the build up between the brands, especially knowing who is finally on each team!

Boy is it a break from a typical title feud between a certain two women too! This weeks match, while it wasn’t the best, just felt so fresh. Finally we’re seeing the other women being used and that for me, is a great thing!

Are you excited for Survivor Series? Are they the 5 women that you would have chosen? Did the crowd ruin a segment or was that a nice showing for Bayley? Let me know below!

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