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Recap of Mickie James on Fox News’ Redeye

Here’s a recap of Mickie James‘ appearance on the Fox News show, Redeye last night at 3am ET. This report was sent in by our good friend John over at The John Report.

They had a video package of her WWE clips before she came out along with her debut song “Are You With Me?”

– They had Mickie join the show with three other panelists, two men and one woman.

– She mentioned growing up on a horse farm in Virginia and that country music was a big part of her life growing up. Said the radio was all she had on the road when she was traveling through the years.

– Said that the wrestling and country music world were similar because they were both about performing. Insert panelist making a joke about how they weren’t similar, which interrupted Mickie. She said wrestling was with raw passion while you’re more vulnerable doing the music because it’s a more intimate setting.

– The host brought up Dolly Parton. She said even though her producer worked with Dolly Parton it’s not the same as Dolly. She says Dolly is the definition of what a diva is. The other panelists then threw in the obligatory Dolly Parton jokes saying she was a “double diva” that was really lame.

– Mickie said she listened to older country and current stuff today. She said she doesn’t want to be like anybody else because she wants to have her own voice.

– Mickie told the story about how she wrote “No Good At Pretending” on her way to the gym and then worked on it after with two writers in Nashville. That song made the album.

That was it. She was on for about five minutes total.

Thoughts: If you’re a fan of Mickie or read interviews with her in the past it covered a lot of the same things. I thought the other panelists hurt it at times because they interrupted her as she was talking. She was trying to say something and the others would interrupt in a way that completely cut her off. The dude with the joke about wanting to arm wrestle probably thought it was hilarious. It wasn’t. Still, she handled herself well and got her message across although I wish she was on longer. She’s a well spoken person that has a lot more to offer than what they gave her. As always, Mickie looked fantastic. No surprise there.

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