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Recap of Mickie James on’s The Strategy Room

Former Women’s Champion, Mickie James just appeared on The Strategy Room, an online talk show at Mickie gave an interview and performed two tracks from her album. Hopefully, video footage will be up soon but until then, here’s a recap  courtesy of John at The John Report:

– Mickie said she’s been wrestling 11 years and scratched her way to get to WWE. She said she was a huge fan that watched it with her dad. She got into it during the Attitude Era (1998/1999). She spoke about driving up to Washington, DC to train to wrestle. She learned at training camps, did tryouts and debuted in 2005. She spoke about how everybody had a different path to get there.

– She mentioned how she played violin for years and horseback riding was her background too, so while she wasn’t in competitive sports training she was always very competitive.

– Mickie says she’s doing some wrestling appearances, but she’s focusing more on the music. She talked about how she always dreamed about being a singer on stage.

– She talked about being on the road 250 days a year, so it was tough to find personal time although she did what she could to have her moments to herself.

– She mentioned how she got into putting together an album and how she was told she had a good voice for it. That’s what made her go for it. As a result her producer made a beautiful album with her.

– The host talked about how beautiful the album cover was.

– Mickie said she was in studio for about 16 days. She took about a year to find the music. She wrote three of the songs.

– She mentioned Shania Twain, Tim McGraw as people she listened to. Also talked about Madonna. Fan of older country too, which she grew up on.

– Mickie talked about how when you’re in wrestling you are a larger than life character whereas on the stage you’re vulnerable to your audience. She said singing makes her a bit more nervous because she’s putting her heart on the line.

– She had two guitarists with her that made the trip to New York from Richmond along with her. To end it she sang Freedom Song, which is my personal favorite from the CD, and also Don’t Apologize, which is one of the three songs on the album she co-wrote.

– Before singing Don’t Apologize she talked about writing it during a European trip when her heart was broken. We spoke about this in the interview I did with her a month ago.

Thoughts: The interview was similar to what you usually get from Mickie. If you’ve followed her on this journey into country music you should know her background by now and she covered it all here. If you haven’t heard her perform live this was your chance. Her voice really carries well even in an acoustic setting. She can really hit all the notes. The woman can sing, people. Trust me. Very impressed.

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