Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Report: Possible Plans for Heel Eve Torres

New reports suggest that Eve Torres may be paired with a male Superstar to feud with Zack Ryder and another Diva.

Torres turned heel on last night’s episode of Raw, citing that she was only using Ryder to further her career and planned to use top WWE star, John Cena too. However, her plan was foiled as Cena overheard her confession to the Bella Twins.

The report suggests that injured WWE Diva Layla, who should be ready for her return soon, may be paired with Zack Ryder in the feud.

Thoughts: Sounds like a plan! With all signs pointing to Kharma vs Beth Phoenix in the Divas Title feud, that would leave Layla without a high profile comeback angle, but this certainly fits the bill. With Zack Ryder as over as he is and Eve getting the heat she is at the moment, it’s a hot storyline for Layla to possibly return in.

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