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Report: Possible Reason for Emma’s WWE Reinstatement

The WWE’s quick about-face in the firing and re-hiring of Emma this afternoon has again brought the Diva onto the pages of TMZ, the celebrity news website reporting on the reason behind her reinstatement with the company.

According to TMZ, the WWE was afraid that firing Emma for a lesser offense would open the “floodgates” when it comes to punishing employees that run afoul of the law. There are a number of WWE Superstars and Divas that have faced legal trouble, several of those being DUI charges.

TMZ quotes the WWE’s official statement, which reads:

“Upon further evaluation, WWE has reinstated [Diva Emma] but will take appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law.”

No word yet on what form that punitive action will take.

Do you think WWE’s firing of Emma was hypocritical?

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