Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Report: WWE to Make Changes to Live Tours?

wwe logoWWE are looking to re-brand their live events under new names not affiliated with Raw and Smackdown, according to a new report from PWInsider.

While many of the WWE’s wrestlers, including the Divas, have been working both of the company’s flagship shows, some are more associated with a particular brand, and this new initiative will allow the WWE to have more freedom to split the talent and shake up the show line-ups.

Fans on the WWE’s mailing list are currently being asked for feedback on potential names for the new house shows.

Thoughts: Not a surprise to see WWE mirror their TV tapings and want to make a lot of their main stars appear on whichever houseshow they see fit. However, I am interested in learning the new names and I wonder if the Divas matches/segments will get their own name? Also, it will give fans hope of seeing their favorite star as they won’t be associated with a particular brand, so in terms of business, it’s a smart move.

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