Friday, July 1, 2022

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Reported reason for Taryn Terrell leaving Impact Wrestling

It is still recent news that Taryn Terrell has once again left Impact Wrestling. A recent report from Dave Meltzer of (via PWMania) claims the reason was due to her being unable to travel into Canada, or even be allowed in Canada for a past altercation she had with former husband, Drew McIntyre.

This is also the reason Jim Cornette recently left as the company plans to tape shows in Canada moving forward. Terrell’s departure was said to be ‘amicable’ on both sides as there was no bad blood between the two sides.

However it is worth noting that the past incident between Terrell & McIntyre took place in Los Angeles, not Canada. Also her not being allowed in Canada does not explain why she has cancelled other wrestling appearances she had in the States. There could also be speculation that she would have left the company anyway once Gail Kim retired as she was brought back to feud with the Hall of Famer.

What are your thoughts? Is her ‘not being allowed in Canada’ the real reason? Is the whole Taryn leaving Impact story old/dead news and not worth reporting (insert shady emoji here)? Let us know in the comments!

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