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Results: Carmella retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Tonight at Money in the Bank, Carmella was able to walk in and out of Chicago as the SmackDown Women’s Champion when she defeated Asuka thanks to a little help from an old friend.

The Superstars started off with a tie-up but Carmella remained evasive early on, adding a bit of trash talk to the mix. Carmella strikes Asuka in the face but Asuka responds with a running hip attack. Asuka continues to stay a step ahead with striking kicks.

Another running hip attack causes Carmella to fall to the outside. Carmella retrieves the SmackDown Women’s Title and begins to head to the back but Asuka stops her with a sliding knee. The Superstars head back to the ring where a window of opportunity opens for Carmella when she sends Asuka to the ring post.

Carmella stays in control and locks in a submission at the center of the ring but Asuka rolls through for a two count. Asuka tries to set up for the Asuka Lock but Carmella counters with an elbow strike. She takes Asuka down with a kick combination.

Asuka gets to her feet and catches a high kick. She goes for a kneebar but Carmella quickly makes it to the ring ropes for a break. Carmella slaps Asuka across the face but Asuka fires back with a knee shot and dropkick. Asuka stays in control with a suplex and running hip attack. Asuka tries to lock another Asuka Lock but Carmella retreats to the ropes.

Asuka runs the ropes for another hip attack but Carmella lowers the ropes and sends Asuka to the outside instead. When Asuka tries to return to the ring, she is met with a big boot and a suicide dive from Carmella. Multiple covers by Carmella but Asuka kicks out.

Asuka re-entered the ring to regroup and strikes down Carmella but a returning James Ellsworth draped in Asuka’s signature gear and mask, distracted Asuka allowing Carmella to land a Superkick and get the three count win.

What did you think of the match?

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