Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Results: Carmella retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Tonight at Backlash, Carmella successfully retained the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.

The Superstars traded taunts to start things off until Flair kicked the action off with a big boot. Carmella recomposes herself on the outside where she retrieves her title and marches to the back. Flair stops her and brings her back to the ring for numerous pin attempts. Carmella stays evasive until she manages to lure Flair to the outside for a Super Kick.

The Superstars reenter the ring where Carmella locks in a grounded chin lock on Flair all while mocking her. Flair tosses Carmella off but the champion lands a kick to the face to reapply the chin lock. Flair breaks free again, this time with a stunner but Carmella stays control after countering out another attack from Flair.

Flair fights out of a surfboard hold with boots to the midsection and rebuilds momentum with chops to the chest and a backbreaker. Flair meets Carmella at the ring apron and goes for a big boot but the champion counters out.

Carmella gets in Flair’s face, slapping her and trash talks. Flair responds with a spear that takes Carmella down. Flair goes for a cover but Carmella reverses with a Code of Silence. Flair sticks around and gets to her feet but Carmella reverses with a roll-up for a two count.

Big boot from Flair takes Carmella down and she attempts a Figure Four but Carmella kicks Flair away. Flair climbs to the top rope for a moonsault but misses, landing badly on the mat instead. When Flair’s left knee gives out, Carmella takes advantage by kicking Flair’s left leg and covers for the three count to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title.

What did you think of the match?

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