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Rhea Ripley’s remarks on wanting another Evolution event

Rhea Ripley is now added to the names of many superstars who want another all-women pay-per-view event. Her sentiments mirror many fans, especially of women’s wrestling, who can agree that women should receive an annual event devoted to them. Evolution took place in 2018 and since then it has left everyone wanting more. Not only was there no Evolution last year but after two years in a row, we were missing a Mae Young Classic Tournament as well.

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These events, the Mae Young Classic, in particular, have helped shine a light on women’s wrestling. The tournament showcases not only WWE talent but independent talent from all over the world. She had the following to say when being interviewed with Mirror on what she would like to see happen:

“Because there’s so many females in WWE today, I feel like we do need something extra. Whether that be a show for ourselves, or a new title, or Evolution again, or a new Mae Young Classic, I feel like there definitely needs to be something. I would love for there to be another Mae Young Classic just to see all of the other athletes out there that are trying to get into WWE. There are so many females on the indies and they deserve their shot as well, so I would love to see that.”

She continued, “I would love to see another Evolution. I would absolutely love it! That was so much fun. Dakota (Kai) and I actually opened up Evolution in a dark match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. So being in the first match to ever come out on Evolution is insane! It’s another thing in the history books for me that not many people will probably know, but I know. Another Evolution would be fantastic because we do need that stage and we need to shine the way that we should shine.”

As Ripley mentioned, she was in the dark match for Evolution. The event was originally advertised as one where every women’s title would be on the line. At that time the current Women’s Tag Team Championships weren’t birthed yet, but the NXT UK Women’s Title was. The rumor of why it wasn’t on the main card was that the episode of Ripley winning the inaugural title didn’t air yet. So they wanted to keep the title match between her and Dakota Kai off the Evolution broadcast.

Credit: WWE

As far as the MYC, Ripley participated in both. In 2017 she lost in the second round to Dakota Kai and in 2018 she made it the semi-finals losing to Io Shirai. Triple H mentioned in April that the MYC will happen again soon. With the current landscape of the global COVID pandemic however, this may not happen as quickly as they would like.

Ripley furthered commented that she would obviously love to main event Evolution. She also mentioned having a show for just the women as well as maybe a new title.

Ripley will be vying for her second reign as NXT Women’s Champion. She faces the current champion Charlotte Flair along with Io Shirai in a Triple Threat match later today at TakeOver: In Your House.

The Evolution event will be airing on June 9 on FS1 at 7 P.M. EST.

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